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Code Geass - TMI

By FoxxFireArt
Code Geass - TMI (Too Much Information)
[Episode- R2 19]

Hope you aren't Bashfull. LOL!!
Now here we have my entry for the Nineteenth episode of Code Geass. After you read through this one I know you are gonna think that I'm one strange individual to watch that episode and come up with this one.

I was able to finish this one surprisingly fast. It's certainly one of my more crowded 4komas. I know Ougi and Villetta were there for the scene, but It would of made the image a bit too crowded. I had to make some design work for several characters I hadn't drawn as to date. Such as Schneizel, Kanon, Tamaki, Chiba, and Toudo. Chiba may always be a bit too tightly wound, but she is so cute. I'm very pleased with Tamaki and Toudo here. Toudo looks like some kind of furious lion about to strike.

I know in the scene there wasn't a projector screen behind Schneizel in the scene, but there is NO WAY I could pass up doing this joke. In my own way I'm kind of exposing the dirty secrets of the Britannian royal family. Odysseus likes little girls, Cornelia seems to enjoy killing a bit too much, and Schneizel seems to be enjoy a spanking a bit too much.
I hope this one inspires quite a few belly laughs. I also hope I don't have to explain this joke like last week.

To set the scene Schneizel is meeting in secret with the leading generals of the Black Knights. Here Schneizel tells them that Zero is his brother Lelouch, and he has the power of Geass. All he plays is a short bit of audio as his proof.
I was amazed in this scene how quickly Schneizel had gathered up information on who had been Geassed, and had them printed out. The Avalon(Schneizel's cruiser) must have a Business Kinkos on board.
Speaking of 'kinkos'. As you can see. It would appear that Schneizel seems to enjoy a good naked spanking a bit too much. In case you don't know the one doing the spankING is his attendant, Kanon. It's already been implied once through one of his own jokes that he attended to ALL of Prince Schneizel's needs.
Poor Cornelia. There are some ways you just shouldn't see your siblings.
I love the irony of Schneizel's last line. Considering what is on the screen behind him.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post comments. I look forward to reading comments.

Image © Kristoffer Remmell
Code Geass © Sunrise / Project Geass
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not even going to ask 
Sorry Schneizel, but anything you say after this will be believed by no one. And you have the gall to call the Black Knights "odd"?!
DuquesseSaskia's avatar
wait till Schneizel see this
Looking at these images, my day is made 10 times better
FoxxFireArt's avatar
Glad I could help.
ShakiraIcySilverWolf's avatar
"Whoopsie... Wrong file..."
TenshiIsMeh's avatar
*Turns away*
Oh dear God help us all to remove that image from our minds. >~<
BloodoftheTitan1's avatar
I love how Toudou -san is laughing!
BloodoftheTitan1's avatar
More proof that Schneizel is gay.
FoxxFireArt's avatar
Nothing wrong with that.
metalshadowinsanity's avatar
Yessssss!!! My plan of bribing Kanon to switch the files worked FLAWLESSLY. Now Schneizel will lose face and the Secure Zero's position back in control of the black knights.
FoxxFireArt's avatar
Wow, he is devious.
Demondragonsoul's avatar
yes he is....

now all thats left is to give the black kngihts geass...or geass cancelers...either way works for me...hmmm.

step 1:infiltrate lkack knights complete
step 2:discredit schneizel complete
step 3:get lelouch to realize nunally isnt dead in progress, also tied to step 4
step 4:break it to the black knights on lelouchs geass slowly, as well as supplying them with ways to insure their security as well as giving both the good and bad and drawbacks of useingsaid geass.
step 5:insure the completion of the black rebellion in progress...
step 6:throw lelouch and kallen into a broom cloest during the celebration progress
step 7:throw in kayguya and C.C as well. in progress
step 8:profit!
I like your plan. Exspecially the later stages
Animebleachgirl19608's avatar
such perverted but HILARIOUS COMICS OMG!!!
Sephiroth12285's avatar
oh god...too funny...can't stop laughing lol.
Jackjr10's avatar
DAMN IT! Its-too- funny!
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