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Code Geass - Passing the Bomb

By FoxxFireArt
Code Geass - Passing the Bomb
[Episode- R2 18]

I just finished this picture a few minutes ago and I wanted to post it before I went to bed.
This is one of those times that I had the idea of for this picture before I even saw the episode. I just wait to watch to see how things turn out. If I hadn't waited I wouldn't of realized that the Lancelot got so torn up.
I actually have three ideas for this episode. Odd, huh? My goal is to make one 4koma a week. Still, I like those other ideas so much I will have to do them at some point. I've made notes and I should be able to get to them some time after the season is over. I just hope the ending doesn't suck so I would lose my mood. I just hate it when animes that those Non-Endings. If you are going to end a series, then END it.

Now this 4koma might get me some complaints, but I don't care. It's a joke people.
You'd be surprised how complicated this one was to make. Lot of layer work.
I had never really drawn mechs so much. Made it even harder that had to find pictures of all the KMFs(Knightmare Frames). I kept having to go from my computer screen to my drawing desk. I have a great admiration now for the animators to make those mech fights. It's really different from drawing organic people.
I almost didn't add the Guren in this picture, but I had to. The composition is a little crowded. It was just soooo cool. I also got to give her the punchline in there. Sure a lot of Suzaku haters will love it, and Suzaku lovers will give me crap.

This coming Saturday's episode should be pretty good, but I'm looking forward to episode twenty-one even more. Any way, it's nice to for Kallen to finally be back in the fight, but will she stay with Lelouch?? Will she be able to help him through his loss.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post comments. I look forward to reading comments.

Image © Kristoffer Remmell
Code Geass © Sunrise / Project Geass
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redrex96's avatar
HAHAHA So Funny And True.
vico2000's avatar
Ha ha, my favorite of your Code Geass comics! x) Had to share it with my friends! ^^
Very well thought and laid out! :)
jsonka's avatar
Ah unfortunate memory loss. Poor Suzaku.
FoxxFireArt's avatar
Or a fortunate scapegoating for a guy who has problems accepting responsibility for his actions.
jsonka's avatar
I meant in the source material, where he is under the influence of geass.
Mystic--X's avatar
I second Kallen's statement at the end, "This is why no one likes you."
TenshiIsMeh's avatar
What DID you do?
EdwardX1's avatar
But Suzaku didn't blame this on Zero. He could've but he didn't. He accepted what he did (even though he wasn't in control of his own mind when he did it) and then decided that it was time to take more action and betrayed the Emporer.
metalshadowinsanity's avatar
Suzaku, you fired the damn nuke. Lelouch had NOTHING to do with said nuke. It was nina, schiezel, and you who were responsible to vaporizing tokyo.
FoxxFireArt's avatar
I know. Why did Suzaku bring a weapon into battle without intending to use it?
Moshe30350's avatar
quick question do you know code geass lost color
FoxxFireArt's avatar
I know of it. Never played it.
Moshe30350's avatar
so you know about Rai the main character of the game, also the choices he had to make like which side should he choose like join the Black Knights or join Britannia also he had amnesia. So he don't know how he is.

And apparently Rai x Kallen is popular.
Actually, and I hate to point this out, but it is somewhat Lelouch's fault, as he was the one to command Suzaku to live.
Demondragonsoul's avatar
it wasnt intended to be like that, but its mostly suzaku and schiezels fault though.

i think schiezel mightve guess what lelouch used on suzaku, remember lelouch never did beat him in chess (well if you look at one of the comics it makes fun of their last chess game with the actual peices)

but seriously...give a guy who wants to die a damn WMD? are they fracken crazy? not to mention i wondered why kallen didnt just grab the damn thing and then used gurens radiation surger on it...wouldve saved tokyo the doom it never deserved...and the poor table...
Very good point.
Demondragonsoul's avatar
i said poor table due to nina's unhealthy agression towards it...

and the fact lelouch told off suzaku with his bluff of shooting the damn thing untill his geass unintendtionally kicked in. seriously he shouldve used the weapon as a sheild and then escaped with the pod.

wouldve saved allot of lives in the process....and nunnally to.
...Nunnally survived anyway...Unless you meant Lelouch would get to her first.
Demondragonsoul's avatar
yeah i know she lived, he didnt...and i meant to get to her frist...if rolo didnt fuck it up again and try to kill her in some weird ass yander attempt at being his brother.
leebk201's avatar
I hate suazaku :E
FoxxFireArt's avatar
I'm not too fond of him myself.
DepressedDarkstar's avatar
Code Geass in a nutshell.
DARKLORD98's avatar
Yeah, pretty damn much, Suzaku blaming Lelouch for shit he couldn't do anything about.
TenshiIsMeh's avatar
Fuck u.
Wats a nutshell?
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