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Code Geass - Found Memories



Code Geass - Found Memories
[Episode- R2 15]

This is yet another 4koma that is filled with a lot of detail. I would best describe this one as Te-De-Us. Most just those frames and all the little details that it's filled with.
Actually, I got the idea for this one, as with the previous 4koma, even before I saw the episode. It was the preview of the episode that gave me this idea.

The background was involved. I had wanted to do a bit more to give a better feeling they are walking down the hall of memories, but I'm working on a tight schedule on this one.
Each of those pictures in the frames were done separately. In total this one image contains about 9 pictures. That includes each panel and the pictures within them. Though only the first three you see are actual memories of C.C.
The girl in the image he's speaking to isn't the real C.C. This girl is more of a guide through C.C.'s memories. It was C.C. that sent Lelouch there.

For anyone who is reading this 4koma and doesn't get why Lelouch is so freaked out in the last panel. Marianne is Lelouch's mother. C.C. is immortal and knew his mother.
Kallen makes a mini appearance in this 4koma as well. Mostly just her booty. I would probably date that events back when C.C. and Kallen spent the year gap together.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post I look forward to reading comments.

Image © Kristoffer Remmell
Code Geass © Sunrise / Project Geass
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Holy shit this is hilarious