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Code Geass - Caught



Code Geass - Caught
[Episode- R2 09]

I know this one is a little late compared to the other 4komas I have made. It's just that episode nine of this season left me lacking in inspiration. I did get this out on time before episode ten.
It was hard to find a scene to put my twist on. I wanted to do something with that scene of Lelouch and Kallen, but that was funny enough.
I eventually settled on the theme of the whole episode. That being the arranged marriage of the Prince Odysseus and the Chinese Empress Tainzi. Just seemed kind of sick. The Empress is a child. I'm not quite sure if she is really only ten years old, but she's so tiny it's hard to see how she could be much older.

The whole theme of this might go over your head unless you've seen those Dateline specials, "To Catch a Predator". To explain to those who might not of heard of them. To Catch a Predator is a show where they have people pretend to be underage children interested in meeting grown men for sex. Really it's the Dateline news crew, hosted by Chris Hansen, waiting there for the men. Normally, he interviews them, they leave, then they're arrested. I always got a laugh at these morons.
Originally, I was going to have Zero be the one talking to Odysseus and have him remove his helmet at the end to show it was really Chris Hansen, but I thought replacing that idea with the former reporter, Diethard Reid, would be far better.

Also if you don't know a Lolicon is a man who likes young girls.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post I look forward to reading comments.

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How sure r u that Odysseus was a lolicon and didn’t just wanna marry the empress for political gain?