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Code Geass - Captivating



Code Geass - Captivating
[Episode- R2 10]

Here is the latest 4koma. Bit of a spoiler here to the events.
I do have to say that I purposely slacked off on making this one. I didn't even start on it until late Wednesday. I had the concept for this one even before I saw the episode. I read the summery on an anime blog of the episode. I watched the episode just making sure and seeing if there was anything better to play off of in the episode.

What also kept me form working on it is I wasn't sure where Kallen was being being held. I didn't know if she was put in a cell or still inside the Guren. As you can see I went with the same kind of cell Xingke was being held in earlier in the same episode.
I had an idea calling back to the "Sybian Mode" if she was being held in the Guren.
I like this idea. It's really in her character. I think.

It was really annoying they changed the pilots suits for the Black Knights. I had to go through that episode all over again just to get all the angles.

In this episode Kallen is taken captive in battle in order to get the Empress back. Lelouch calls out to her to save her. they make an attempt, but to no avail. They are forced to retreat at the end of the episode. Hopefully they will get her back in the next episode.

I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to post I look forward to reading comments.

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Code Geass © Sunrise / Project Geass
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And when she DOES see him again...

"Kallen, you were nothing more than my most valuable piece! That's all you were."