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:Vector: Tangled Sun Symbol

As promised, here's the sun symbol used in my latest "Tangled" fanart. I made this vector myself, and am posting it as a JPEG for the sake of simplicity. It's not hard to separate these lines from the white, but if you really need to know, let me know and I'll help you.

Anyone and everyone is free to use this ^^ I'm sure there's lots of people who want to do Tangled fanart who have needed this symbol :D


Tangled (c) Disney

Art (c) Me :iconjakenova:
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I used this as part of a compass rose. I hope you don't mind...…
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Not at all, since you gave me credit :) Glad it was useful!
Thank you for your idea.  I would like to use it in part of my construction of my artist book.
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i've been looking for this for so long, thank you, i want to use it in a story i'm making as part of the coat of arms of a kingdom
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Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for, I´m not jet shure, but I think parts of it will be used in my Band(project)-Logo :)
Thank you in advance ;)
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glad it could be of use!
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used at:

thank you very much, you spared me a lot of work, I´m a musician, not a designer :)
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Used here, thank you ^^

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Thank you for uploading a usefull image of sun :)
I've been wanting to make lanterns to hang from my seiling, but I haven't been able to decorate them properly ;)
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Would you mind if I use this as a part of a MLP design I'm re-editing?
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Thank you very much! I already found a very good use for it: [link]
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cool beans! Say...I wonder if I couldn't get one of those T-shirts >3> You know, since I made the symbol for it and all XP
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i used it, for my oc's village symbol. i will post a link when it is done :D
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sounds good ^^
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used this while decorating for a party today :D [link] thanks!
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haha awesome! Glad it helped you :D
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Hi Vector, do you have one that's in yellow without the purple in the back? Or one with the purple in the back but in a large enough file where i can make a banner out of it? I need to do it for my daughter's 5th bday next week. I don't have anything other than Word as editing...yes I know how BADDDD that is. heheh but i have a macbook, but no programs to help out with the editing.

Could you let me know and email me at I would sooooooooo appreciate it. Thanks so much!
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augh, sorry, am I too late? I've been too busy to deal with DA much, so I haven't had a chance to get to my comments. If it's not too late, I'd still like to help ^^;
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Used it here if you'd like to see! [link]
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