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Disclaimer: No part of the following review is meant to discourage the artist into not creating more work nor is it meant to cause digital artists to stop drawing digital work. Nor to stop fans from creating fan based work. At no point is this meant to hurt feelings it is meant as an honest review of the picture and if the artist wishes to discuss the review or needs more details I would be happy to discuss it with them. Now without any further delay onto the review.

Vision: This was indeed was a great scene in the show and is worthy of fanart, the artist does a great job passing the original vision on through this. 3.4 stars for a job well done.

Originality: Though it doesn't have any original characters in it this does have a lot of original heart and soul in it. 3 stars.

Technique: This is a well detailed digital work that really brings out the feelings and emotions of the original show. 3.5 stars.

Impact: Like the part of the show that it was taken form this image is just full of impact and draws the viewer in and holds them. 4.5 stars for an amazing job.

Overall it's a wonderful image and I really didn't find anything wrong with it. Other then the possibility of adding more detail to the wings, mane and tail but it's not needed. I can wait to see what else this artist has to offer.
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