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Current Residence: 7th lv of hell, but least the heats on.
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Matrix / Star wars
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Katana ^_^
Figured was time to come back as I can
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Well, this is my last entry in my Devart journal.. I liked it, but well.. this having to log into the devart site just to rant is a pain since when i'm online i am usually unindated by friends wanting to talk and well, i just can't get up the gumption to talk bout squat. So now i am using a live journal with a downloaded proggy that let's me update and manage without opening my browser.  Fox likes that. if you want to keep reading, (and we know you wanna) just trip over to  to get the scoup. ~fin
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okay since i was proud of my last entry I think i'll try and maintain my entry's like that.. more of a story focus. Well since last entry i wish i could say alots happened.  basically i've had two patterens to my day. Either i Wake up, shower, shave, primt.. usual crap.. Get all spiffied up then spend my day running around applying to job after job, comeing home, see the big red steady light on the machine (means no messages), eat, watch what tv there is, then sleep to be ready to rinse and repeat. OR I wake up, eat, have least a pot of coffee, then get dragged all over with ruthann's intenerery wich makes very little sence (most goverme
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i live near you ! tada ;x
:hug: :hug:
cause chuu misses you lots!
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :smooch:
because you are much too kind to me
anddd finally
weeeeeee :glomp: thanks for absolutely everything! :giggle: :cuddle:
heh.. you know.. it just dawned on me.. that if your stalking me.. how come you havn't commented on my latest peice of art yet? *L*
aanoo *nods* aye im yet to comment if you have put anything up recently but i haven't gone through my list yet *hangs head in shame* i've been dwadling elsewhere *waves papers about* manga stuff and all that such that i have turned into such a lazy bum where da is concerned ^_^
:petting: i will find in due course it don't you worry none. :hug:
nice.. wow.. i like suma ur stuff a lot.. n i don't like anime.. so MAJOR props..

now on to what i came to say.. lol.. i got my messages as soon as i came on DA and read the Hot Topic thingy with all the changes in DA.. lol.. n then i was bored so i read sum of the questions.. lol.. wow. they were mean to you.. personally i think u should put the 50/50 stuff under digital, just because in the end i would think thats where it would fit better.. but thats just my thoughts!
keep up the awesome work!!

i'll come back n visit latez to see in u have anything new!!
Oh i forgot to mention,

Won't be much new for a bit as my scanner is kaput
Thank you for the kind words.

oh i don't think they were mean, just miss-comunication. it happens. Specially in such a international community.

But yeah it is something that i pondered as some of my stuff is handdrawn then colored or just touched up. Personaly i think they need to refine thier definition of "digital" as all things on here technically are digital :D, thier all computer files.