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Celtic Tree of Life - Ink

This is my original Circle Celtic Tree of Life image that I had drawn the outline for and then scanned in and finished the colors digitally, except that for this version I finished it by illustrating details and textures with black ink. The tree has knotwork branches and trunk, starry background, spiral root ball, and also has corner details of sun, moon and stars, lightning and clouds, and ferns. The background looks a little like old dusky linen. The entire image looks very similar to a woodcut from ancient times, I think.
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Hey can I alter this image and put this on a t-shirt, I really love the Yin and Yang symbol in the roots. I've been searching everywhere for an image like this. I will give full credit to the website "artoffoxvox" on my website. 
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Looks amazing and sortve old fashioned but it works perfectly, do you mind if i attempt to copy it haha i dont have such fine detail like you but its something to keep me busy. cheers
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That is beautiful. The work looks so much more eyecatching when just pen outlined!

You must have put many hours work into this, and it has been work it.

If I may, I would like to download and colour in...

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it is just perfect!!!! :D
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You've been featured here: [link]
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The knotwork in the branches really draws me in. Love the details you've used and especially the roots and the bark texture!
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Thanks! It's very meditational doing all the inked textures - heh.

glad you like it,
this is a great drawing. i think it would make a nice tattoo
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Hi there,
This tree is amazing & if possible would love to use it for one of my projects at college - Is this ok if I include your website?
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Interesting! What kind of project would you be using it for?

It would be okay if you included my name as the artist and my website - would that work? And can I see a photo of the finished project when you're done?

Do you mind if I make this my Facebook profile picture?
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First, thanks SO much for asking! So, yes, if it's only for your personal facebook profile and it's less than 100x100 pixels. Also, if there's some way you can indicate that you were given permission and that it's NOT just free etc (lots of people assume that sort of thing on social networks for some reason). Maybe in your profile somewhere? Not sure. If you could list my website ( or something too, that would be great, but I wouldn't require that. :)

What do you think? (Also, I'm on facebook too - - feel free to add me as a friend so I can see - LOL)

Thanks! I'll make sure to give you credit.

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Thanks so much! Love getting such positive feedback!

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This is awesome Fox... beautiful image.
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Thanks so much! Love hearing that from fellow artists! (Love your DA ID!)

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absolutely fabulous :aww:
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