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-=-=-= The Unusuals[C] Sunday Poker Night =-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-= The Unusuals[C] Sunday Poker Night =-=-=- by FoxValoKne
-=-=-= Description =-=-=-
Here be a starting comic series idea (Sunday night poker, because people use other nights for poker) with The Unusuals[C]. Just the beginning is all, didn't want to start something off being complicated for me xD

Something I enjoyed creating (took me 4 - 6 hours to complete, but hey, it was fun none the less ().u.)-b
Hope ye all enjoy my artwork, as I am sure to progress and create far more spectacular pieces later on.

-=-=-= Q/A =-=-=-
1: Yes, small Foxy is winning at Sunday poker night.

1.1: Yes, that spartan is haveing trouble beating small Foxy in a card game.

2: Yes, there are 4 foxes total in this picture, I realized I like foxes.........alot ^-^

4: Yes, I know there are some rendering glitches (you might not notice them, but there was supposed to be volume metrics added but it didn't render right, still learning off of this program and such).

5: Yes, I can give you links to the models/map, don't hesitate to ask, I'm not a big ole scary monster that will suck out your brain through your face :3

5.1: Yes, I love taquitos.

Side-Note: Not sure what to call this kinda comic series yet. Still thinking with meh noggen :I

-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Things of my doing =-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Things I do besides artwork, go and check them out in your spare time ifen ye want to, not pressuring you into doing so, just suggesting is all ^-^;… (I sometimes make videos and post them here). (Sometimes I tweet). (I sometimes stream here).… (My main gaming place).

-=-=-= More to come =-=-=-
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April 2, 2015
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