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-=-=-=The Heist Meisters=-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-=The Heist Meisters=-=-=- by FoxValoKne
-=-=-=-=-= Description =-=-=-=-=-

Here is Part One of Five in this mini Source Filmmaker comic series.

Yet another art assignment for artwork with a program (I chose Source Filmmaker),  I used some models from Garry's Mod (the Ven Player Model, that model with the horse mask, and the PayDay 2(?) loot bags), and some models from Team Fortress 2 (the robotic arm from Heavy, the minigun, and that orange looking canister), the rest, Source Filmmaker models/map.

I had fun making this, the people I work with enjoyed this, so I hope you lil ole peeps enjoy it as much as I did making it ^-^

-=-=-= Groups/Characters used =-=-=-

Parts of The Unusuals[C] (Introduced here:…).
Ven Player model.
male_08 (modified).

-=-=-= Q/A =-=-=-

1: No, I haven't played the PayDay game series (although looking forward to it for when I do ^-^).

2: Yes, that is the Wessenhymer with a horse mask (if ye don't know who he be, check out his YouTube channel:…; and learn from there. I enjoy watching him play games and as well as yell at 'em xD) *WARNING: PROFANITY ALERT*

3: Yes, I know there's a way to color models, I just didn't know at the time.

3.1: Yes, I use that Ven Playermodel all the time on Garry's Mod (the coat is supposed to be a dark red).

4: Yes, I forgot to mention that I used the M9K Gun series models as well from Garry's Mod.

5: No, I don't have a name for this comic series yet. As of now, it's unnamed ()-________-).

5.1: Yes, I am willing to hear out suggestion names for it.

6: Yes, I can tell you where I got the models/map from, just ask for them ()o wo).

-=-=-=-= Things I do besides artwork =-=-=-=-… (I sometimes make videos and put them up, making more content for it). (Sometimes I tweet). (I sometimes stream here).… (My main gaming place).

-=-=-=-=-= More to come =-=-=-=-=-
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