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-=-=-=-= The Get Aweh =-=-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-=-= The Get Aweh =-=-=-=- by FoxValoKne
-=-=-= Description =-=-=-

Heyyo, sorry it's been a while, been busy with work and such () ^-^; )

Anywho, here's Part Five of Five in this mini comic series (which is yet un-named still ()T-T)

This project was from a past assignment from last month that I decided to pick it up and carry it a short ways. And here it ends, there will be more to come of other mini comic series of some-sort or other.

I am really getting the hang of this Source Filmmaker Program, I really do enjoy it :)
I used some models from Garry's Mod, and a majority of them from Source Filmmaker addons in the Steam Workshop for Source Filmmaker.

*Side-Note: I finished this about a week ago, but couldn't upload for a short while until now. Enjoy :>

-=-=-= Characters/Groups Used =-=-=-
Parts of The Unusuals[C] (First Introduced here -->…
Car 'Splosions and such.
The Epic scenery (I think?).

-=-=-= Q/A =-=-=-

1: No, I haven't bought any of the PayDay game series yet (played the demo though ()⌒∇⌒)ノ

2: Yes, it has been a while since I uploaded/posted anything.

3: Yes, I know I might've screwed up some of the last ones by not adding the comic style to them, so very very sorry \()╥﹏╥)/

4: Yes, my favorite food is still taquitos.....and tacos ()>->)

5: Yes, I can tell you where to get all these models from this picture and from past ones, you just have to ask is all ~()‾▿‾)~

5.1: No, I will not have any more further delays in between artwork posts of mine, so don't worry ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪

5.2: Yes, I misspelled: 'Away' with 'Aweh'

-=-=-=-= Past Comic Panel Parts =-=-=-=-… <------ Part One ------<<<… <------ Part Two ------<<<… <------ Part Three ------<<<… <------ Part Four ------<<<

-=-=-=-= Things I do besides artwork =-=-=-=-… (I sometimes make videos and put them up, making more content for it). (Sometimes I tweet). (I sometimes stream here).… (My main gaming place).

-=-=-=-= More to Come =-=-=-=-
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April 23, 2015
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