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-=-=-= The Break In =-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-= The Break In =-=-=- by FoxValoKne
-=-=-= Description =-=-=-

Once again, how's it going? Just here to post Part Three of Five, of this comic series (still unnamed as of yet).

I am really enjoying this program (Source Filmmaker), it really helps my mind concentrate more often than most I've tried (I am one of those people who can't hold concentration on one thing for more than an 45 mins or less, except if it's something I enjoy doing, which this is one of those things), and also helps me figure out where things go, what things need to be placed, what area it should look like (those kinda things).

I used some models from Garry's Mod (the Ven Player Model, that model with the horse mask, and the PayDay 2(?) loot bags), and some models from Team Fortress 2 (the robotic arm from Heavy, the minigun, and that orange looking canister), CS:S (money stacks, and money packs), the rest, Source Filmmaker models/map.

I noticed I am starting to get more views with my digital artwork, oh dear ()^////^).

-=-=-= Groups/Characters used =-=-=-

Parts of The Unusuals[C] (Introduced here:…).
Ven Player model.
male_08 (modified).

-=-=-= Q/A =-=-=-

1: Nope, have not played that game series.

2: Yes, I forgot to mention that I used the Renamon HD addon for Garry's Mod in past artwork uploads ()-__-).

3: No, I have not named this comic series.

3.1: Taquitos are my favorite, yes.

4: Yes, I can tell | give you the links to the models | map, just ask meh ()^-^).

5: Yes, I will make more of this series, just need to finish up all the parts.

6: Tacos are also my favorite, yes.

7: Yes, I forgot again to mention the M9K models as well.

7.1: Yes, I have a super llama badge (that's because of all the Awesome | Generous | Epic | Nice people who randomly gifted them to me, I am really grateful for them to do so :happybounce: ).

8: Yes, there is a huge rendering glitch with the shadow engine on the program (I tried to fix that, but it wouldn't give in ()╥﹏╥).

-=-=-=-= Things I do besides artwork =-=-=-=-… (I sometimes make videos and put them up, making more content for it). (Sometimes I tweet). (I sometimes stream here).… (My main gaming place).

-=-=-= Part One | Two  =-=-=-……

-=-=-=-=-= More to come =-=-=-=-=-
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April 7, 2015
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