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-=-=-= SnBP Playermodel Hats Pack #1 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-= SnBP Playermodel Hats Pack #1 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne
-=-=-= Description =-=-=-

Just so you know ahead of time, these are pointshop items for Garry's Mod. Each hat has a Sub-Category it goes to, make sure to create on with SnBP, otherwise it won't work. Code is down below to amke a Sub-Category for it :>

Today, I brought something new besides art (well, technically it is art, just PointShoppe hats 'n such for Garry's Mod). I brought you peeps (who have Garry's Mod and a PointShoppe for your server), some hats for a couple of playermodels that really don't have a 3d head (they be flat).
The Spike and Barley Playermodels :D

If you don't know who these two hilarious YouTubers are, then check out their YouTube Channels to learn more about them down below.
There are some other links in order to see the hats and the playermodels for the hats to fit.

Other than that, I will make more of these ifen they are what you guys want (any suggestions for hats are welcome).

-=-=-= Addons/Games Required To see the items =-=-=-

1: >>>---GMod Tower: Accessories Pack--->…
2: >>---Team Fortress 2--->…
3: >>>---SnBP Playermodels--->…
4: >>>---Freeman's "Toybox" Pack--->…

-=-=-= Spike and Barley Play =-=-=-

If you don't know who Spike and Barley are, I would suggest looking at the links below to learn more about them.

-=-=-= SnBP =-=-=-

>>>---Spike and Barley Play--->

-=-=-= Individual Channels =-=-=-

>>>---Barley's Channel--->…
>>>---Spike's Channel--->…

-=-=-= Coder's Code =-=-=-

PointShop Coders out there, here's a code for you to have a custom Sub-Category for your server's PointShop if ye didn't know this already:

CATEGORY.Name = '<Insert A name fore your new tab/ or use one you already have>'
CATEGORY.Icon = 'VGUI/psicons/<whatever name your pic is>.png'
CATEGORY.Order = Put a number of what you want the tab to be located at, for example: 1 <being at the top of the PointShop tabs list or below if the number is higher.

CATEGORY.EnableSubcategories = true
CATEGORY.DefaultSubcategoryName = "<Whatever name you want the first sub category to be named>"
CATEGORY.SubcategoryOrder = {
    "< * > ",

*Add what ever, however, many Sub-Categories you want.

-=-=-= Download =-=-=-

>>>---SnBP Hats--->…

-=-=-= Q/A =-=--

1: Yes, all the hats fit each of the two playermodels.

2: Yes, they do work, you might be doing something wrong.

2.1: Yes, I can help you, just let me know what the problem is by posting what you did and where you put it.

2.2: Yes, I can give you a step by step guide ifen ye need it.

3: Yes, I can help make a category/sub-category if you are having trouble, just let me know what you have and what you want it to look like.

4: Yes, I am open to any suggestions for hats to fit these playermodels (or other ones as a matter of fact).

5: Yes, taquitos are still meh favorite.

5.1: Yes, I am planning on making more hats 'n such for other playermodels for you guys to download (I know there are not that many people who post PointShoppe items since they are greedy (I think?), I will be happy to make them for you guys as this will also help my PointShoppe to grow as does yours ()⌒∇⌒)ノ

6: Yes, I do realize this isn't most probably not supposed to be in this category of art (I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE ELSE TO PUT ER ()QAQ)

6.1: Other than that, have a good day, and keep it up ()^-^)-b

-=-=-= More to Come =-=-=-

*Edit_001 <12/1/2016>:
:iconfoxhahaplz: <( Took meh a year to realize this, but I fixed the drop box link to the point-shoppe hats )
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