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-=-=-= SFM_Wallpaper_Request_ 005 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-= SFM_Wallpaper_Request_ 005 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne
:iconfoxwhoopsplz: <( Long time no upload, eh? )
:iconfoxbaibaiplz: <( Anywho, here be a SFM wallpaper request from a peep on steam )
:iconfoxhahaplz: <( This was a pain in the arse teh get done, took meh 2+ renders / green-screening / and a whole crepe ton of glitches 'n crashes in the process teh finish this )
:iconfoxcryplz: <( It was an Animator's worst night-mare when it comes to that kind of shet )
:iconfoxsobplz: <( The Element viewer wasn't working properly, the second view port kept showing a black blank screen before crashing, it needed at least 1000-mb teh render properly ( total mem used for characters / models / props / map was nearly 3308-mb ), most of the characters were high-memory consumptive, the edited materials wouldn't load, so it showed black textures instead, the lighting went teh shet on meh several countless times, and then the renders themselves would either render a black image, or render a quarter of the way and crash, render half way then crash, or would just simply crash when pressing the 'render finale image' button )
:iconfoxrawrplz: <( I almost went insane because of that shet )
:iconfoxgrrplz: <( So in essence, this was the hardest render of all time for meh, a cruel but well put together piece I tells yeh )
:iconfoxwhaplz: <( I still have that 3rd SFM Wallpaper Gift I need teh finish up for Le SMiL3PONY )
:iconfoxeatplz: <( Anywho, I hope yeh enjoyed this as much as I did creating this ( Even though it was painfully hard as shet () . m. ) )
:iconfoxhideplz: <( Ples dun kill meh because of thish har SFM Request of Garrus tryna be Jeebus )
:icondeadfoxplz: <( -plep- )
:iconfoxghostplz: <( Past Renders I did that were much, much; much easier than the render up thar;

>>>------>… <---  SFM Wallpeeper Gift 1/3 ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- Sfm Wallpeeper Gift 2/3 ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- An Animation I am tryna work on ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- 2016 'Olidays ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- SFM Wallpeeper Request 004 ---<<< )

:iconfoxylaplz: <( I dun own any of the characters / models / props / maps / logos ( Except for meh own logo on the bottom left ), I just make them into what yeh see!!! )
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Submitted on
February 10, 2017
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