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-=-=-= SFM_Kwallity_Chekk 1 / 9 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-= SFM_Kwallity_Chekk 1 / 9 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne


Edit 4/5/18;
Rendered with Source Filmmaker | Edited with Krita Gemini | Logo created in GIMP2 |
Edit 4/5/18;
Testing out a different lighting set up, I don't have any recorded vidyas for this or the other Eight though :/

:iconfoxwhoopsplz: <( Scheisse, es been longer than I expected to be posting here agin )
:iconfoxhahaplz: <( I've been busy with cleaning my room up, organizing things to be more properly indexed, learning how to Blender, and much more crepe )
:iconfoxcryplz: <( I should've been uploading since July last year, but things kinda got out of hand )
:iconfoxsobplz: <( Who knew there could be so much delays )
:iconfoxhahaplz: <( Anywho, agin, sorreh for the delay in uploads, I do have some YouTube vidyas for yeh teh watch in the meantime down below in two playlists, plus I will be releasing one vidya every Wednesday at 5:00pm ( or to be exact; GMT-0700 Local Time(mebbe?), Marblemount WA )
:iconfoxhideplz: <( Now I gotta go an' do shet before the next upload, seeya latta! )
:icondeadfoxplz: <( -plep- I'll have more Golden Gunns to put in this section sometime this week or the next;
>>>------> -Plap- <------<<<
>>>------> -Plop- <------<<<
>>>------> -Plep- <------<<<
>>>------> -Plip- <------<<< )
:iconfoxghostplz: <( Previous vidyas 'n shet of me playing beta games on tha Tubes;
>>>------> Minecraft Windows 10 Edition - Beta <------<<<
>>>------> Raid: WWII - Beta <------<<< )

:iconfoxylaplz: <( I dun own any of the models / props / maps / logos [ Except for me own on the bottom right ], I just make them into what yeh see!!! )
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