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-=-=-= Brains of The Heist =-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-= Brains of The Heist =-=-=- by FoxValoKne
-=-=-= Description =-=-=-

Here is Part Two of Five in this mini Source Filmmaker comic series.

Part of an assignment a couple of days back, they wanted me to use a program (Source Filmmaker I chose) to make digital art. Some of the models I used were from Garry's Mod (the model with the goggles, tablet, and head mask, and the model on the far left putting on a head), some from Team Fortress 2 (goggles on the model with the head mask, the flame thrower, the pack on the model just before the one on the right), and the rest Source Filmmaker models/map.

Once again, I hope you enjoy this as much as I have made it ()^-^)

-=-=-= Groups/Characters used =-=-=-

Parts of The Unusuals[C] (Introduced here:…).

-=-=-= Q/A =-=-=-

1: No, I still haven't played the PayDay game series ()T-T)

2: Yes, again I realize there are 3 - 4 foxes in the picture. I like foxes if ye didn't know that by now xD

3: Yes, Mangle and small Foxy are shy, so they don't want to be seen a whole lot.

4: Yes, I forgot to mention that I used parts of GM-Tower models.

5: Yes, I still haven't named the comic series yet ().m.)

5.1 Yes, I am willing to hear out suggestion names for it.

6: Yes, I can give you links to the models/map, you can just ask, don't hesitate to though ()^-^)

-=-=-=-= Things I do besides artwork =-=-=-=-… (I sometimes make videos and put them up, making more content for it). (Sometimes I tweet). (I sometimes stream here).… (My main gaming place).

-=-=-= Part One =-=-=-…

-=-=-=-=-= More to come =-=-=-=-=-
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