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-=-=-= 'Appeh_'Olidays_2016 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne -=-=-= 'Appeh_'Olidays_2016 =-=-=- by FoxValoKne
:iconfoxhahaplz: <( Oh-mah-guh, I finally got something uploaded for the 'Olidays )
:iconfoxyayzplz: <( On time that is )
:iconfoxgrrplz: <( I haven't uploaded anything because I have been working on tryna animate some things in Source Filmmaker for the youtubes )
:iconfoxcryplz: <( That shet ish hard when it comes to the Graph Editor )
:iconfoxsobplz: <( So many things an' presets teh use 'n such. Took meh agin about a half a month teh work on this one while I have been fiddling with the animation part )
:iconfoxeatplz: <(Anywho, I hope yeh have a gud time, and keeping warm these days )
:iconfoxgrrplz: <( Meh bones really hurt because of the cold 'n snow this winter )
:iconfoxrawrplz: <( I'm young and mai bones hurt like an' old man )
:iconfoxsighplz: <( Speaking of which, mai bones hurt this morning while I type this out. Here be some other holiday related posts I did in the past, late postings I mean

>>>------>… <--- 'Alloween postah ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- The animation I'm tryna make ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- Wallpeeper bundle  ---<<<
>>>------>… <--- Wallpeeper gift / request for a friend 'O mine ( I take requests, so dun worry about bothering meh ifen yeh want one for your desktop, icons, or what-not ) ---<<< )

:iconfoxydummyplz: <( I dun own any of the maps / models / characters / logos [ Except meh own address link on the bottom left, I forget to add that small info xD ] . I just make them into what yeh see!!! )
:iconfoxywaveplz: <( Posting another one today, es a wallpaper for a peep not on dA. More teh come soon )
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December 25, 2016
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