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Rival Gates: Mission 4 - Epilogue



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At the Gate

Jay makes it to the gate, almost out of breath from running. “Alright, let’s see how this works.” He walks up to the gate, but, realizes a problem. Jay looks up at the gate and looks around it, he grunts out, “ARGH! Where the heck is this suppose to go?!” He snorts in annoyance and grabs the key from his scarf and starts climbing. He tries the bottom one, no good. Goes for the middle, nothing. Then the left top one, nope. At this point, Jay’s getting very annoyed with this gate.

He makes his way over to the last part on the right side, his legs are shaking from climbing. Jay steps onto a branch and looks at the holes. He thinks for a moment, tries for the top one and it fits in! But...Nothing is happening, and the key surely wouldn't fit in the other slots.

“What? Is there more? Hmm…” Jay thinks for a moment, he grabs the key and puts it back in his scarf. Jay makes his way down from the gate and looks back up at it, “I gotta go tell Tiva!” Jay turns around rushes off back to Attwell. He eyes back to the gate one last time, muttering to himself, "What could it mean?"


At that time, Tiva and the Icebergs had Rava cornered, along with her lackies tied up. Tiva says, “Give it up, Rava! We’ve got you and you can’t run!”. At this point, Rava seemed unsure of how else to defend herself, there was only one thing she could do. Without a warning, Rava used her Pollen to create a thick cloud, covering the large area. Tiva shielded her eyes from the pollen, when she went to open her eyes, as the substance began to vanished, she noticed that Rava and her gang were gone; no where to be seen.

"Ugh, she got away so fast..." Tiva sighed, but her ears perked up to hearing someone calling her name.

It was Jay! Jay showed up, out of breath again. Tiva comes over in surprise and asks, "Y-You're back! What happened? Jay shakes his head and asks, "Nevermind that, what the heck happened here?!" Tiva then explains about Rava and the electricity and how she had the major, Nami, and Fjord held captive. Tiva looks back with a worried expressions and says, "Rava had escaped, and we got everyone back, but I never checked on Fjord. He was unconscious during the whole thing!"

After hearing Tiva say that, Jay's eyes became narrow and he started to worry about Fjord and asks where he is. Tiva points over to where Nami and Fjord are, taking him over to them.

As they arrive, Jay see’s Fjord laying on the ground and Jay grows more and more anxious him, "Nami!" Jay exclaims, "F-Fjord, i-is he...He's not, is he?" Despite how concerned Jay was, Nami assures him that Fjord was okay, and that he is just merely asleep. "Jay, please! Have you forgotten that Fjord is still has tough as he was in his younger days? Even old people get sleepy!" Nami grinned. To see that there was nothing to worry about, Jay let out a sigh of relief.

The boy apologized for leaving them in harm's way, but Nami grinned and flicked her paw, "Don't worry! Tiva and the other Roaring Icebergs handled that pesky moth no problem! Thanks to them, our home is safe and I doubt we'll be seeinf Rava and those goons again anytime soon."

Jay smiles, but turned his attention back to Tiva and the stone. He informs Tiva about the key and that it fit into the hole, but nothing happened, he says that there might be more keys to be found. Tiva suggests going to Asteria and meeting up with Nuri to see if they’ve finished with their task. Nami offers them a faster boat to get them to Asteria City quickly, to which they agree.

Jay and Tiva say their thanks and their goodbyes. Them and the rest of the Roaring Icebergs board onto the boat and make their way for Asteria City.

Coloring done by :iconkatterboxes:
Sketches and Lineart done by Me
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