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Rival Gates: Asteria Event - Prologue



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Meanwhile, Nuri and the Cinders have already finished helping unload the cargo. Nuri approaches Ebony and says that they’ve been waiting for Pandora and says that it is very important that they speak to her. Ebony rolls her eyes and comments, “Oh, we already know just how
important she is. Look, she’s got a lot of things to attend to and like I said before, you’ll have to wait until she’s free to talk. In the meantime, how about we--”

But before she could finish her sentence, they hear shouting coming from the dock

“LAND AHOY!” Jay shouts out as the Roaring Icebergs exit off the boat.

Tiva questions him, “Isn’t is a bit late to declare “Land ahoy” after you’ve already arrived onshore?” Which Jay responds with a puffed out cheek, “What a stick in the sand…”

Ebony and Ezra come up to the strangers; Ebony asking who they are with a quizzical look. Jay introduces themselves, “We’re the Roaring Icebergs from Rift City!” He grins with pride.

Ebony seems surprised and raises an eyebrow, “Oh, you’re from Rift City too?" Than turned her attention to the Ardent Cinder leader, "Nuri didn’t mention there was another guild.” Ebony continued. To which Nuri snorts out smoke and eyes off to the side, “I have my reasons for not mentioning him.” Jay eagerly asks where Pandora is, but Nuri says she has already asked and got nothing from them.

Ebony responds, “Yes, I’ve already said to the Ardent Cinders that Pandora is taking care of other matters and you two will just have to wait until she ready.”

Jay exclaims, “No fair! You tell that lady that we mean business!”

“Jay, you’re being over dramatic” Nuri spoke with an annoyed tone.

Ebony then says, “Now, now, I know you both needed to speak with her. We’ve all been extremely busy around the city and quite honestly, it’s been very stressful. This cargo shipment would have been too much if the Ardent Cinders weren’t here.”

Nuri nodded, seeming very proud and thanks Ebony for the recognition. Jay quickly cuts in and explains that they had to help Attwell from a “stupid bug lady and her zappy crew”. Ebony responds, “Is that so? Well, I’m sure they appreciate your help too.”

Ebony explains, “I wish I could repay you both somehow and make up for you having to wait for Pandora to meet with us.”

Ezra comments with, “We would prepare you a meal, I am sure you all are hungry from all the hard work you've done. Truth be told, we’ve had some of our cooks call in sick and there’s no way the kitchen can make a meal for this many people on such a short notice. On top of that, there are some children that are causing havoc around the city again. Our officers have other important calls to take care of and they don’t have time to deal with misbehaving children.”

Nuri comes in and says that they can help, Jay butts in and says that they can help more. Both Ebony and Ezra are shocked that the two guilds want to do more work; Ezra asks if they are sure they are willing to do more work. Jay and Nuri confirm that they want to help make things easier for them and it gives them something to do until Pandora is available.

Jay and Nuri turn their heads around when they hear Riptide comment, “Umm, guys?” in a nervous tone. They see a bunch on little ones on top of Riptide’s head, some hugging her, Riptide smiling nervously.

"Well," Jay starts out, "We got a lot to do."

"We better let everyone else know. Try not to get in the way, Jay." Nuri comments with her arms crossed.


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