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Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Cover



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Get in the fucking bag, Nebby!


IT'S FINALLY HERE! Time to start a life long commitment and sell my soul to the devil since I'll be doing this for the next 4+ years most likely! 8'D

In the past I haven't been very good with Nuzlockes, let alone even get past the first page, but I figured I wanted to do something to keep myself motivated (hopefully) There is not going to be a specific due date when the next pages will come out, they will come out when they do so please be very patient! Nuzlockes tend to take a long time to do, since I will be doing these in longer strips.

I might be able to get page 1 out this month. Not 100% sure, but I'll try.

I really hope you guys will enjoy this Nuzlocke as much as I will c:


Pokemon Moon and all characters involved in the games story all rightfully belong to the creators of Nintendo and Pokemon Inc. I do not own any copyrights to these characters other than the characters that do not appear in the actual game itself.
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Oooohh nice! I love the expressions and the shading! <3