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Paradox A Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke

Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Cover by FoxRodDraws Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Prologue 1 by FoxRodDraws Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Prologue 2 by FoxRodDraws Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Prologue 3 by FoxRodDraws Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Prologue 4 by FoxRodDraws Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Prologue 5 by FoxRodDraws Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Prologue 6 [END] by FoxRodDraws Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke: Paradox - Chapter 1 Cover by FoxRodDraws Paradox Nuzlocke CH1: Festivity - Page 1 by FoxRodDraws


Hello all you lovelies! Welcome to FoxRodDraws!
Artist's Name: Alora/Lexi
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 22
Location: Some place that's fucking cold as hell 24/7

I've been drawing since I was very young, actually probably when i could hold a crayon correctly with my small stubby hands. When everyone else stopped, I never stopped, I couldn't. It was like an urge for so long and I had such a big imagination. Eventually I grew and learned to draw better and became more advance with drawing. Now it's a huge passion for me and I hope that one day I can make it a career.

I LOVE Pokemon! I also love playing different types of Video games, anything with a good story and great graphics! Nintendo and Playstation are my top consoles, I also like to do my gaming on the PC as well.

I suffer at times from Depression and Anxiety. I've had it since middle school, I don't go to therapy or take medication for it, mostly because I don't believe they do any good. My passion for drawing has saved me countless of times from these unfortunate conditions and I don't know where I would be without my art!

I get nervous at times, but I do my best to try to make friends when I can ^^

Check me out on some social media sites:






some frick fracking FAQs YO:

Do you take commissions?

I do not, and I won't be doing commissions anytime soon. I've devoted more of my time to Patreon. Just because it's more easier and more simpler to figure out price wise for each thing. If you want art from me, I highly suggest checking out my Patreon and seeing the tier prices!

What is Patreon and why do you like it so much?

Patreon is a website where people like Artist, Cosplayers, Sewers, any type of person who pretty much creates something, can go and do what they love and get paid to do it from fans and followers.

The reason I like it is because everything is so neatly organized and it's based on a monthly plan, so people can stay for as long as they want and get so many rewards based on what they pay for. It's also very secure with money too! Patreon takes a lot of care with each payment that goes through and makes sure it gets processed properly and there's nothing wrong. Plus, this is a very easy way for people to make this into a full time career, with a lot of time and dedication put into it!

What is Paradox?

Paradox is a Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke that is currently ongoing. Not much to say about it right now since it's brand new, but the main character's name is Adrianne and she just moved to Alola from the Kanto Region. Check out the pages above if you're interested! :D


Woah my dude! Slow your roll! First off, it doesn't work that way. If you can earn my trust and talk to me on a regular bases and not take stuff overboard, then there could be a chance :) But don't be afraid to say hello or anything like that!

"So-and-so" blocked me for no reason! Can you do something about it?

Look, first off, don't come crying to me because someone that I know blocked you. That's not my job or my duty to change their mind. I'm not in control of that person and I'm not going to stop them.

Second, anybody has a reason for blocking you. They block for their safety and for them to be less stressed. You most likely did something to upset them and did not listen to them or their rules. If you get blocked, you get blocked. Don't cry to other people to make them fix your mistake. If you come to me and tell me to make someone unblock you, I will block you without warning. THIS is your warning.

Can I have your Discord?

Again, no. That's a big thing I will not give out willingly, I have to have a good amount of trust in you to exchange Discord info. Be patient, if we've talked and have become good enough friends, then I'll consider adding you on Discord. :)

What happened to Hope n' Serenity with Rival Gates?

Sadly, due to me being an admin of the group and now with Paradox in progress, I don't have any time for Hope n' Serenity and so I won't be making anymore comics or such about them.

You draw "THIS" Too much! Why don't you draw "THIS" or "THIS"?

If you don't like what I'm drawing, then you are more than welcome to leave. I draw what I draw because it motivates me, if I am forced to draw other things, I'm not going to be motivated and it's going to look like garbage. So, please don't force me to draw something else because it's not going to happen :)

Um...I have a question?

Then ask away! Any questions that you may have that I haven't answered here I will happily answer! Don't be afraid to ask either, even if you feel like it's a dumb question, no question is dumb!



- Paradox Page 4:

- Paradox Page 5:

- Patreon Page (New Tier badges and new banner, NEW EVERYTHING):

- Patreon Reward Sheet:

Thinking about rebooting my youtube channel and start doing one of those "Youtube Talk" animated videos. Which topic would you guys like to see me talk about the most? 

25 deviants said Pros and Cons of Nuzlockes
11 deviants said The Struggles Of Being Bisexual
5 deviants said Online Friends vs IRL Friends
5 deviants said Why Drawing Is Therapeutic
2 deviants said My Most Severe Injury
2 deviants said Weird Food Preferences
1 deviant said Let's Play Channels
No deviants said The Awesomeness of Anime Conventions



Hey all, sorry for the low activity here but I need some help!…

Spread this around if you can't pay!
Hey guuuuys guess what. I HAVE TWIN BABIES!!!

Nah jk, kinda. They're not human and I'm not pregnant, no but I was trying to keep this as secret as possible, but I am now the owner of 2 Leopard Geckos! I picked them up yesterday, originally was gonna get 1 but my mom let me get a second one.

They're both females, one is Juniper and the other is Venus, they're both just under a year old (Venus is younger) and they are honest to God the sweetest things ever! They love being held, they love being petted, and overall just friendly! I'll get a picture of them in a second, but yeah, they're cute and I love them!

Jpeg 20180811 225041 by FoxRodDrawsThis one is Venus

Jpeg 20180811 225024 by FoxRodDrawsThis one is Juniper

Paradox Preview 4 by FoxRodDraws
I'm not copying Eerie you are

I'm nearly complete with lining the next page, June was a bad month for me being pretty much sick for half that month, which cut me back on my work a lot! I'll try to have the next page by the end of this month, if not early next month. Thank you everyone for being patient!
streaming everyone!!! Come join and hang out! No mic tonight because I have a gross cough right now ;w; stream will start soon!
Hey guys, haven’t been really feeling great for a couple days. Been having major abdominal pain that is preventing me from doing any progress

i’m gonna chill for a while and see how I feel later today


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