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May before May Desktop

May before May Desk :D!

1MB Screenshot :P!

Wall: Stripey Organic Mod by *FoxRacing (Stripey mod by ~OmART, Original Credits to whoever who made it :()
VS: Mint by ~hsn
Icons: Reflection_CUSTOM by *FoxRacing (All credits to ~styrizo for the originals)

In Dirty Screen:
uTorrent tango by ~vertigosity
Foobar Mod by *FoxRacing (Original credits to dawxxx666)
Firefox Tango without Icons by IDontRemember :(
Organic Mint Mod by *FoxRacing (All credits to whoever who did the original)

Object Dock
Super Tango Patcher by ~vertigosity Thanks for making such a wonderfull patcher!
And i think thats it... :)

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Nostalgia for windows xp tango :)
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esta buenisimo! te quedo bien.. una question? ese es un skin para el foobar? donde puedo conseguirlo.. en realidad me gusta mucho.. saludos!
OmART's avatar
Deja Vu DVD Replica :o?
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OmART's avatar
Make black delta!!!
FoxRacing's avatar
Gimmie the resource and i might :hide:
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Who? Where?
Welcome to the Real World, where you cant go to your local FlyMaster and fly away :P
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Gimmie my stolen booty!
Mango mango mango!
connerdowney's avatar
I love this a lot. All the colors fit, I love the icons, and it's just overall really sweet. I love the wall too.
mauricioestrella's avatar
u need a wall made by me! :D lol
Cool workspace :P
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Walls made by you suck!
Hah!, i was about to use the Collab one you made with iPholio, and one of the Weeks, but i saw too many Mint with those Walls..., thats why i didnt use any of your walls mate :(!

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