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I doubt anyone will see this, as this species has been dead in the water for a while (lol pun)

But if anyone has any foxponds they are looking to rehome, I would love to trade.

So feel free to reply here- or message my toyhouse.

Is this still active?
WTH happened to the Masterlist? Its no good that no one can check who belongs to whom anymore...
Hello, Are There Any Sketches Please?
Will this species ever be coming back? I've been interested in getting a foxpond for many years now and just wanted to check ;;;;
I have a Foxpond/Puddlox/Guarpond MYO package I bought several years ago and never used, and at this point I don't think I'm ever going to use it. Am I able to sell it for the original purchase price?
Hello! Sorry to bother, but I'm working on recieve this Foxpond: Foxpond ID #290
The user I'm trading with does have the ownership, but there may be a problem. I found the same character on ToyHouse, but the DA owner confirmed she doesn't have a TH... and this character have an unverified ownership:…

I was wondering, is this TH account the FoxPond admin/guest artist who created him, or what else? Just want to know, since I own a TH account and I'd be happy to register him there too!