1.5k (or 1k, hahah) celebration - collab!

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It's technically been a long while ago for dA, but I reached 1k on all three platforms recently and that's something worth celebrating!

For this celebration, I want to focus on what I most enjoy about uploading to social media, and that's the interaction we get with each other. In this challenge, your aim is to finish one half of the drawing with your world / characters in your own style, and following the template you will be able to match your entry with any other entry of the opposite side! I really wonder what kind of weird and wonderful combinations we'll see when we match up your entries!

You'll have until January 31st to finish your entries. The best 3 will receive a free headshot commission as well. ;)

Download the left or the right template at https://nextcloud.ysconator.com/s/g5fzo7YqsDSGbeQ to get started!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #foxofwonders1k as well as either #foxofwonders1k_left or #foxofwonders1k_rightdepending on which side you finished!

Shares are VERY MUCH appreciated! 💚

Foxofwonders 1k Instructions Left
Foxofwonders 1k Instructions Right
Foxofwonders 1k Final Instructions
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Grats on the 3x1k. That's a nice number. ^^ And that's a nice idea for an event, too.

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Thank you! I hope it's going to be as fun as I imagine it would be! :)

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Hey, even I'm considering to take part. That's the highest honor I can bestow upon you, hehe. Now as for actually getting to it, that's a different story. No promises.

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I'm honoured that you're considering it, at least. ;)

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What a cool idea! I'm picturing a portal between someone's beautiful, awe-inspiring landscape and my comic's protagonist laying in a pile of empties, haha.

I should restrain myself, so as not to hurt someone ELSE'S chances ;P

Congrats on the milestones, Fox. What are the other 2 platforms, if you don't mind me asking?

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Very glad you like the idea! Hope it's going to be fun!

Entries will be judged individually per artist (so as halves), and matches won't be fixed (we'll probably do something with a random button that loads in a random left and right each time, or allow you to 'lock' a certain entry in place and load in random entries of the other side. That's still under construction).

In other words, you won't be hurting anyone's chances. If you want to make something weird and humorous, go for it! ;)


Almost forgot! The other platforms are Instagram and Twitter.

Here are the links:



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This sounds very fun! I'm not sure If I have time to participate, but I'll try!

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That would be awesome! Hope you can find some time! :)

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