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Character  Zuri
This piece was commissioned by Cordeeceps, showing her ethereal dragon character Zuri. It was a good challenge to get such a long, elegant character in view in an interesting way, balancing a night scene with good visibility, while still showing off as much detail as possible. I'm really happy with the result! :D
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WOAH the atmosphere in this is super wonderful and so eerie and mysterious, the light from the moon is so well done and I love how you've posed the character and their expression is really nice and all of that flowing fur is so pretty!! I also love how you've painted the tree and the bits in the foreground are excellent and do a wonderful job of framing the character! Super awesome c:

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That kind of backlit glow is something I think I'll never grow tired of. ^^

And yess the flowing fur was sooo gooood! It was a bit challenging to get it to look weightless and wispy, but once that look came together it was so very satisfying. ^^

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Ignore the hype, Just loving the art :')

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The good news is that you can absolutely learn it! ;D

Sure, it may take a couple years, but you can definitely get there! :D

And nope, not going to ignore it. I'm going to soak it all up, hahah. Thanks for making my evening!

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Haha, glad to stumble upon a good artist to follow! :)

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Beautifully done.

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Thank you! I struggled a bit to get this piece how I wanted it, but in the end I'm really happy with the result!

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You're welcome~ Never give up c:

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Looks like someone has been busy making something amazing. Nice job.

Foxofwonders's avatar

Someone sure has! ;D

Thank you!

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Aaaaah this is still SO incredible! I can't stop staring at it. <3 thank you so much again for this perfect illustration of Zuri.

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Oh wow, this is beyond gorgeous. The way the lighting is done, the character's elegant pose is really amazing. You've really outdone yourself with this piece, well done!

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Ahh thank you so much! 💚

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I love the details in this! the colors and texture on the horns are really amazing! gorgeous art! :heart:

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you so much! It took a while to get the colours to work together the way I wanted them to, but in the end I'm really happy with it! :D

Firefoxgirl96's avatar

so beautiful ! absolutley gorgeous <3

Angeriu's avatar

So fantastic and amazing and all details are just spot on.

I love how subtle and soft colors are yet they have some dark tones giving deeper feeling to overall drawing ^^ How long does it took to draw and how long did you draw overall like for how many years, because I couldn't draw this good in millions years hehe :))

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you so much, I'm really delighted to hear you took the time to spot all of that! 💚

I didn't keep track of the time spent on this piece, but I'd guess somewhere between 8 and 12 hours.

As for how long I've been drawing, that's literally all my (23-year) life. Even at the very start of elementary school I was already drawing every day. It was the first thing I did when I got home and the last thing I did before I went to bed. Throughout middle/high school, I was drawing all the time during the more boring classes. I was lucky enough to be able to draw without my grades suffering as a result. Ever since I started uni and living on my own it's been going a bit more slowly as those don't leave me with as much time to draw (I also spent more of my spare time on art theory than on actual drawing, but it was really worth it), but since my current job is part-time, I have a lot more time to draw again. :)

If you've got a spare hour or two, it might be fun to try scrolling through my whole gallery to see the progress I've made over the past 10 years. Really interesting to put my current skill in perspective, and also to see how there are periods of fast improvement and periods of relative stability in skill level. (Link for convenience:

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Wow you know, what If I would go back to drawing and somehow unlock Infinity in me Imagination and so on on soul level first, do you think would I be able to draw at least 1/100 or at least 1/1000 this good like you in like year or so? And well I draw since 7 years but in total time I drew like for 1 day 24 hours or less I held pencil and drew...You can see my drawings in my profile, they ain't good, but sometimes I'm used to enjoy drawing of most things I did...and listen music, play video games etc.

You know I just watched your progress and in drawing talent you ain't got any better...

Sorry to say that...I'm really sorry to say that...

No You EVOLVED... ^ ^

Compared to how you drew back then and now one word - WOW!

Foxofwonders's avatar

I do know that's it's possible to make a lot of progress very fast, but two things are instrumental to that:

1) Make hours. Get pen mileage. In other words, draw a lot. Try to draw (almost) every day for at least 30 minutes, as you won't improve if you don't draw.

2) Learn consciously. Learn to evaluate your work and try to train your eye to see what you could do better. It's not easy to learn, but it's what allows you to make progress. Don't be afraid to use resources to improve once you've spotted a weakness. Anatomy feel off? Try studying the major muscles. Perspective difficult? Use 3D models to see what 'happens' when something is put in perspective. Put that knowledge to practice as soon as you can (see step 1) and re-evaluate. It will take several tries usually until you've got something, but it's worth it.

(and 3, try to enjoy yourself. If you need a break from drawing for a bit, take one. But if you can, try to draw. You don't have to consciously try to improve each time. If you draw often, doodling and drawing what you want most of the time is perfectly fine. As long as you try to consciously improve about once a week, you'll still improve super fast and it'll be much easier to stay motivated probably.)

If you do those things, reaching near my level in one year is probably a bit too optimistic, but two years isn't unheard of. Most people need more as they don't draw that regularly or don't make much effort to study what they're not great at yet.

Awwh, and thank you! 💚

Angeriu's avatar

Wow as I read what written above I felt like master of art gave me lesson.

I know in on year it's impossible to draw like your level, still I'm honored so you spent a little time of yours to give me advice.

I will wait for video card and another PC part and play again video games and begin to draw like 1 drawing in a day. For me Video Games and Anime was main thing I wanted to learn to draw.

They are like imagination worlds in which I know even how to live, just still can't I wish one day with real pure lover...

My wishes and dreams will come true, that would be best gift to me and best present...

I'm used to draw for hour one drawing, recently I was in one place and drew for hour one drawing or around one hour and it went not good, but not bad.

What do you think if I'm like harsh or Judgmental most time does it makes me draw worse, or I could use it to my advantage, like to spot on more little details to draw or such.

And nope, thank you ^^ You are master compared to me less than novice in art and perhaps everything . I wanted a little in life was sent to Hell...Yeah was in Hell for some time, felt like this.

So yea I'm novice compared to you in art or others in life...

Just suffering and loneliness is my companions...

Foxofwonders's avatar

I understand that completely. :)

Video games were also a big inspiration for me when I got started (even if I didn't make that much fan art, they got me in an imaginative mindset). Like you (if I understand correctly), my dream was to make my imagination visible.

And that's good! Now do it again tomorrow, and the day after. The more regularly you draw, the better you will get, and the faster you will get better. ;D

As for judgmental, well, I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I think it helps to be in a neutral or good mood when doing the actual drawing, but being critical after you're done is something you can make good use of. Also as a word of advice: don't worry too much about details. Instead, try to focus on what's called the art fundamentals: shapes, forms (aka 3D shapes), values (light vs dark), composition, and colour (if you plan to use it). If you got your fundamentals right, your artwork will look good even with very little detail. That's why master artists can make 30 minute sketches that look absolutely breathtaking. It's because they know how to abstract away the details and focus just on the fundamentals. (Of course, for their full works they do often add detail, but their work is already strong without it.)

I'm far from being a master to be honest, that road is a very long one (and in a way it never ends). Important thing is that we enjoy the journey as a whole despite the bumps, and keep on going. It's never too late to get started.

Angeriu's avatar

Yes I want Imagination to see like real world and experience like real world.

Like imagination would be what and who I would experience within soul.

Go to park and imagine dragons video game characters and experience as real thing.

Angeriu's avatar

So you are gamer too? ^^

What you written I agree more so video games and anime I think are our real manifestation of infinite souls I read there are worlds where video games and anime are reality as real as we are.

Just don't know how to get there yet I wish one day With real Pure Soul Lover.

However about second part you written about regular drawing I disagree If we are not in mood or not inspired we may destroy paper after paper nothing more.

Our emotional, mental, spiritual state is affecting us a lot as I learned in journey.

Still even being in bad mood can help us accomplish something we couldn't in good mood.

Like draw darker tones or enjoy darker tones in music or be more harsh in action video games like in games were we need to kill zilions of enemies.

And well judgmental mindset can actually make you feel not worthy of anything - happens to me.

I want be like perfect, I know beeing perfect is impossible because there are no boundaries for this. Still wanted be better and better like in relationship that I lost after I was sent to Hell...

However I got a few messages that I may find soon my Eternal Infinite Lover for Eternal Love (duno how this would even work out), for loner like me this sounds weird and scary and like worst/best gift..

Hm duno who she might be or where to find her.

But best people in my life even for short time I founded with out even searching for them.

I read that when we are in passive mode. Like we do things with out any harshness or forcing us is what is good for us, sure I learned this kinda too late, but now at least will know.

And for me Master is someone I see as example what I admire in some or other way.

And well I was going to gym in past was exercising for 4 hours each day, tbh I was idiot to do this.

If I will come back to another Gym sometime like this autumn or next year. I will exercise 1h- 1.5 hour not more, diet is most important in sport, but I learned this to too late, but now I at least know.

I'm like another person I was a few years ago.

How I express mine thoughts even on internet or how I even see world - nature ahh or everything really.

But now more kinda shy, and stronger spiritually yet - lone wolf.

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