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WildOctoberArt day 12 - My Favourite

Aka the prompt we've all been looking forward to.
Instead of animal facts, considering the prompt, I'm going to give you some facts about me instead (which technically still means animal facts, yeah, I know).
Like you probably knew from my username, foxes are my favourite animals, and they have been since I was about 4. They have helped me through difficult times and empowered me through dreams. However, since a hawk came to greet me on the morning of my 18th birthday (in the garden where hawks never came), I've been feeling a really strong connection to them as well. I would still say my favourite animals are foxes, but these days I feel I need to mention hawks as well. 💚
It's not without reason that Dynaisajia can change between both.
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Oh my goodness this one is truly gorgeous!! I love the the way it mirrors and that little white line for the water surface is really nice! Both the fox and hawk are beautiful and the level of detail in the fur and feathers respectively and the shading and lighting is absolutely wonderful!!

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Thank you! Used the biggest paper size I had to really make them both look as detailed as I could! :D

Ziirux's avatar

It definitely paid off!!

Folyxsilver's avatar

I really like the concept of this one!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you very much! :D

This one is also especially fun to have made on paper, because that way it doesn't have a real up or down. Shame that's a lot harder to convey when uploading it digitally.

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Wow I really like this idea of reflection in the water and the personal meaning behind it it really adds to that feeling. Technically also spectacular. I like those white pens!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you so very much! The white pens really are a joy to work with.

LusciousLavender's avatar

Beautifully done!! :heart:

All of the details look so fantastic!

FeatheredRainbovv's avatar
I love the concept and detaild
Onililyn's avatar

I don't know why but this one really appeals to me. Especially the way you flip the image upside down and the fox becomes a reflection on Instagram. It's just so endearing.

I also enjoy the little story you shared about these two lovely animals! It is so pleasant to hear people talking about the spiritual connection with animals. small heart - blue

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you! Yes, the underlying idea was that neither can be said to be the reality or the reflection. They are both equally real. Not so easy to share it that way on dA though.

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Perhaps foxes and hawks are like your dust deamons? Have you read his dark materials by Philip Pullman? The way you describe your connection with animals reminds me of his book. Myself I love wolfs and birds of pray and was once honoured to rescue a sparrawhawk that had become dazed by a shops window lights I held it in my hands for a few minutes until it calmed and then later released him only to watch him fly high and fast back up into the sky it was a wonderful experience :)

Foxofwonders's avatar

I haven't, actually, but it sounds like I should give it a read! ^^

And wow, I can only imagine how amazing that must have felt!

wolfwoofa's avatar

There is also the excellent tv series by the bbc his dark materials:

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