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Song Of The Trees

By Foxofwonders
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The breeze is cool and refreshing, the rays of the sun warming my body. In this forest, the trees are hollow, yet so very full of life. The branches dance around each other, and leave room for energies to settle, and for the wind to enter. I feel at peace here. The way the breeze passes through the arcs and tunnels in the trees creates an airy, ever changing song. The songs of birds and the chimes of small bells tune into the melody of the breeze. Each note is pure, and somehow seems to fit into the whole. The leaves rustle, as do my feathers, moving in the zephyr. I close my eyes and feel and hear all around me. Above all, one strong feeling arises: everything is alive.

One day when I was feeling particularly well I closed my eyes and saw Dyna sitting in soft rays of light in a bright forest, relaxed and enjoying the presence of everything. That's how this drawing came to be. c:
Drawing this was a great experience. 
I also wanted to share 'Riding the Wind' and 'Climbing the Ginso Tree' of Ori and the Blind Forest:… and…
Not the same song I'd imagine hearing in the forest, but I feel they do fit very well. c:

Made with new soft coloured pencils that are great for colouring (not so much for details, but I have other coloured pencils for that).
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This has to be one of my favourite pieces of yours of all time. There's something so signature You about it that I can't describe
You really blow it out of the park with all that beautiful vibrance and details on the tree and the leaves
Dynaisajia is so lovely here, her face is so gentle in her happiness
Absolutely fantastic work!!
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That's one of the biggest compliments you could have given me.
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Just noticed this must be the one where you took your avatar from! That's a sweet snippet and lovely scene in the drawing as well. Somehow that deep blue there just draws my eyes, making me wonder what it is. A portal...? I can almost feel it vibrating. ^^ Everything is truly alive in here, but I'd also like to say: in balance. :) Wonderful job!
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Nice wings! Great details in the feathers!
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Haha, indeed!
The blue things in the trees are memories, either 'stationary' memories, or moving ones. :)
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The tree has bells? I really love that little detail :D And Dyna's eyes are just perfect. So bright and crisp. And damn, that snippet you wrote is just as brilliant. Really sucks you into that forest and makes you part of it :) 
Foxofwonders's avatar
Ahh I'm glad you noticed them! ^^
I love the sound of (some) bells in the wind, they are calming and make me happy at the same time- fantastic combination!
You're making me blush with all these compliments, haha.
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Wow! I love the texture you got with colored pencils. You really, truly succeeded in creating different "feels" across the art. The feathers are different than the fur, which is different from the bark, which is different than the SUNLIGHT. Incredible! I also love the little details that you put in like the ladybug, caterpillar, and bells! Really neat. Finally, the angle and depth of the face! You really know what you're doing! 
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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YW and Thanks for llama!:D
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This is one of the most beautiful fantastical fox pieces I have ever seen. Great job. Clap Clap Clap 
Foxofwonders's avatar
Ahhh, that's a great honour! :D
Thank you so much!
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
You are quite welcome, F.O.W. :)
Foxofwonders's avatar
That's a wonderful compliment, thank you! c:
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You are welcome!

Is that a shrine to Inari?
Foxofwonders's avatar
I hadn't thought of that at all to be honest, it was meant to be a spiritual place I felt in tune with, but in retrospect I like the concept. :)
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You know who/what Inari is, correct? :)
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Not in too much detail, but I've read that Inari is the Shinto kami of rice (and some other things), and is sometimes depicted as a fox. I also read their messengers are white foxes with flames above their heads.
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A winged-fox!

My bro :iconcambion-hunter: would know more!
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More winged foxes? I'd be interested in seeing them. :)
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