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Racing the Airship

Character  dynaisajia
When I saw that Art Fight's theme this year was steampunk vs cyberpunk, my love for the steampunk aesthetic was reawakened. Immediately felt inspired to draw something for the occasion featuring Dyna. ^^
This went super fast and was really fun, and I'm so happy with the result. ^^
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Ah man this piece has such a nice sense of motion and a really fun playful atmosphere! You've done the twist of the wing really well and I love Dyna's happy expression, so cute!! Although, her front left leg is a little bit difficult to read in my opinion, I know it's supposed to be kind of folded but to me it feels a little separate and loose from the rest of her body and also like it's been suddenly cut off, like she just has a stub of a leg. Maybe you could have had the paw of that leg a bit more visible?

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Yesss the original twisty wing! I actually had more trouble with her other front leg, the folded one looks fine to me. :p

I did originally try to show a paw there, but that didn't look right. Strange how those things work.

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Yeah, it's indeed strange how things look different to different people; to me the straighter front leg looks totally fine!

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Beautiful piece.

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ahh this is so epic!love the angle and lighting and that big goofy smile :D

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Thank you! :D

Yess who wouldn't love flying around there?

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How lovely!

Your knowledge of wings is really great. I am so impressed! And that must be a very fast fox to keep up with those airships.

Actually, I wouldn't mind reading/watching something in this universe, with that fox as the main character or side kick. I feel immersed in the story just through one picture :D

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Thank you so very much, that was really heartwarming to read! 💚

Wings are among my very favourite things to draw, so I'm glad it shows. ^^

I use the character to represent myself. I don't have anything planned for her aside from the occasional artwork, but who knows if I get specific inspiration in the future. ;D

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this is amazing <3

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Deze is echt ziek mooi geworden :D

De kleurtemperatuur van het zonlicht is ook echt precies goed!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Dankjewel! Ik was een beetje met de hue en saturation aan het spelen, en toen kwam ik precies waar ik wilde zijn! :D

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Woo! Steampunk!

...Btw, what's Artfight?

Foxofwonders's avatar

Art Fight ( is an annual 'art trade battle royale' in July. Here's how it works:

Artists are divided into two teams (if you sign up early, you can choose which one, though it doesn't make much of a difference) that 'battle' each other by making art of characters of people on the other team (an 'attack'). More detailed artwork earns your team more points (the precise rules about point earning are on the website). The team with the most points at the end of the month wins.

Some more terminology and further explanation:

- if someone attacks you (i.e. draws your character) you can attack back by drawing one of their characters (basically an art trade at that point). This is called a defense (though 'attack back' is often said too). If the other person then attacks back again, this is called a revenge chain. It can go on for as long as they keep attacking each other back.

- if you draw the character of someone on the same team, this is called 'friendly fire', and does not earn you any points

- despite the teams and point mechanic, the goal is just to have fun and encourage people to draw new characters and perhaps meet new artist friends

- there are no obligations. Although some people guarantee attacking back, you don't have to do that yourself (though it is encouraged)

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Interesting. I just figured the fox was gonna attack those balloons. Eh, maybe I'll join... For Steampunk.

Foxofwonders's avatar

Nah, she's pretty peaceful. ;)

And that would be cool! See you around maybe!

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Like dolphins of the air!

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this is so pretty and well done!!

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Thank you very much!

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Winged Fox: "I AM SPEEEEEEED!"

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