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Character  naesala
Naesala from Fire Emblem (Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn) for the Dutch Fire Emblem Discord's secret santa event. I'm extremely proud of how this one turned out given all the challenges of this piece. Hope you like it as much as the receiver did! :D
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oh my, though I thought I knew your gallery I just found randomly this naesala fanart! I didn't know you liked FE as well :)

oh and of course, I love this nice lighting on feathers!

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Well, now you do! ;)

And thank you very much! :D

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Man I feel like you've really taken massive leaps in improving drawing humans, you've drawn him so well here, feels nicely proportional and natural, and the level of detail in the clothes and the boots is really cool!! The only thing I'd say is maybe the hands feel just a tad too big compared to the face. The lighting is really beautiful here, I love the strong highlights and the background is gorgeous with the texture of the rock and the different features and layers of distance, awesome job!! The ravens in the foreground are also a very nice touch!

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Thank you so much! I'm really happy with how well my human skills have progressed as well, especially considering I haven't actually drawn them much at all. It's just my general understanding of lighting and anatomy that I've been able to translate into humans better and better.

And now that you mention it, I agree. Hands should be about the size of the chin until the hairline, but it looks like I went with size of the whole head here. Good to keep in mind for next time, thanks for pointing that out!

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It's my absolute pleasure, glad if I can help c:

That's really interesting, they say practice makes perfect but I guess you can practice other things and accidentally become good at different things altogether in the process!

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Yup! If what you're learning is general enough, you might just be able to apply it to something different but related. :)

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The lighting is on point! I also haven't noticed those ravens at first, they look cool!

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Thank you so much! And that's actually pretty cool! :D

I intended Naesala himself to be the first thing that draws your eye, followed by the background which should lead the eye to the raven in the bottom right. The other two ravens were deliberately low contrast so as not to draw too much attention while still being a cool extra thing to notice for those who look beyond their first glance, as was the castle in the far background where Naesala and the ravens live.

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