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Metal wings

Character  Metal winged wolf
This badass wolf was commissioned by metalwingedwolf on Instagram. I had a lot of fun with it! Love how fierce it turned out.
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cool, wolf winged!

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This piece is really cool, the pose is nicely dynamic and the expression is fun but of course the wings are the real star here, like man that metal texture is awesome with how it reflects the light from the sky but also the ground, really really cool and beautifully done!!

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Thank you very much! I rarely draw metallic surfaces, and while they are hard, they are also quite fun!

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This is so gorgeous! I love the orange light reflected on the wings and the wolf! It's so pleasant to look at!

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Thank you so much! :D

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Nice work, that's quite a different pose!

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I keep coming across this and i just gotta compliment on the lighting, it's so good :love:

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Aww thank you! :D

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That's cool looking! It looks like he's about to falcon punch some poor guy.

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Indeed he is! Better not get on this guy's bad side.

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...would never get anyone off the ground, at least not this way

but it does look awesome.

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Physically impossible, aesthetically appealing. :p

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it looks awesome <3

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