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When I saw the DTIYS by JadeMerien themed around kintsugi (on Instagram) I knew right away that I had to join. Such a cool theme! Deadline is still almost a month away in case any of you feel like joining. :)
I don't remember how I arrived at stag beetles, but the moment I did it just clicked. Really pushed my realism skills in this piece and I'm so proud of it!
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The lighting on the wings is masterfully done. Wow. Just awesome!

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Thank you so very much! 💚

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This is beautiful!

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You are most welcome.

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no problem

i have a gallery as well

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Of course. I've already taken a look, but I'm not really interested in most of the subjects you tend to draw, and to be brutally honest with you, you really should work more on your skill. I don't know how old you are and how much spare time you have, but if you want to get better (which also will get you more attention), you really, really should start looking at art fundamentals as soon as you can, and spend the coming years trying to understand and practice them as best as you can. This is the foundation for all art that has some degree of realism. If you find it difficult to get started, I can give you a couple pointers.

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I hope you're not disregarding the comment just because it's a little harsh. It really is in your own best interest to grow as an artist. Pouring more time into growth makes it much, much easier to promote your work. Of course, it's wonderful to get appreciated for the skill you have already built, but if you only or primarily focus on that, you're limiting your potential as an artist.

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Oh wow this is really beautiful, I love the strong lighting, it's really gorgeous, and the sense of motion given by the droplets flying off in various directions, such a cool effect!! It's really fun to see such an uncommonly drawn aminal drawn by you, and you really captured the look well, it's indeed really realistic!

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I really enjoy trying to bring some attention to underappreciated species, also because it gives me a chance to learn more about them myself and draw them in the best way possible. ^^

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Great details and lighting!:heart:

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This looks absolutely gorgeous :heart:

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Thank you very much! ^^

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really well done! i like how you did thelighting and it's interaction with the wings :)

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Thank you very much!

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