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Flight Rising commission - Fox


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For the 2020 Wind Flight House Cup, where I decided to make artwork to rake in dragons for our team. I still can't believe GLaDos42 commissioned me to draw a red fox. Just a red fox headshot. No other requirements. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Ahh this is really wonderful, you've always done foxes so well!! Those eyes are so lively and the blue lighting from underneather is really fun and I really like the texture of the background!! How neat of the commissioner to let you draw this!

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Yesss it honestly felt like a personal work more than a commission, and that's the best feeling! Wasn't getting actual money for it though, just FR dragons to exalt during a dominance push (game mechanic). :')

Ziirux's avatar

Still some sort of an exchange though!

I never really took part in any dominance pushes, I'm much more of a casual FR player, just want them pretty dragons

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Totally fair! I was really, really hardcore about dominance pushes at some point, pulling a literal all-nighter on the last day. :')

Toned that down eventually though, and nowadays I'm on hiatus.

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Very nice portrait!

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Such a beautiful image!

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Thank you very much! ^^

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This really is a fox of wonders -- a wonderful fox!! (Reminds me of the protag in one of my stories, with that expression!)

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you so much! ^^

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Awesome! :D

It appeared in the deviantart main page!

I knew it was yours! <3

Your art is as lovely as always, Fox of Wonders!! >u<

Beautiful colors and happy eyes! :heart:

Keep it up! >u<

Foxofwonders's avatar

Wow, really? I wonder if it was like that for everyone or just for you on your personalised page. Either way it's really flattering that you can recognise my art straight away. 💚

You're one of the few who have seen it evolve from the beginning.

firagare's avatar

Yes! ^^ It was the very first one on the page!

It might have been a recent result based on my preferences. But anyeay, it was very nice to see it there! x3

You're welcome! ^^ You truly deserve more watchers!

That is right! :3 And I'm so happy to see all that improvement!

It makes me want to follow my artistic path even more! <3 ^^

;3 I'm currently working on it!

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Hey! :D you did great with the lineless work. It's really hard to learn and yours is so detailed!
Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you! I actually find lineless a lot more fun, since you get to focus on lighting and colours to create contrasts rather than lines. It's actually a lot more natural. ^^

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Bwahahaha ja :'D

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Fierce and fabulous - beautiful green eyes. Incredible work. Come take a look at my page.
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