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Commissioned by KarolPlayer, showing their Rexouium (on the right) exploring a cave together with Cody the wolf (belonging to Cody Wuff).

Really pushed my rendering and background skills for this one, and I'm quite happy with the outcome!

Thank you again for commissioning me!
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Indeed you did a fantastic job with the background, I love all the different features like the crystals and different layers of rock and the blue background light! The lighting is also wonderful, you've done such great work with the fur on the characters!! Perhaps it's just me but I feel like this one could have benefited from a more tight framing and placing of the characters closer together to accentuate the closed space of the cave, just a thought!

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Thank you very much!

I was given specific dimensions to work with for this one, so changing that wasn't an option. I agree that making it less wide would have been a perfect tool to accentuate the enclosed atmosphere of caves, but with these dimensions I felt it would be more balanced to place them apart. Might have been more options though, actually quite interesting to think about! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that! :)

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Always my pleasure!

That's interesting! In that case I feel like you made the dimensions work for you. And it's not like there aren't big spacious caves in the world...

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Fantastic artwork!

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That is some really good highlighting of the fur! I like how you have used colours that lie just between the highlights and the shadow areas :D

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Thank you so much! I spent a whole lot of time on that, so I'm really glad it stands out! :D

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