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When I saw the DTIYS hosted by vossanova on Instagram, where we were challenged to draw a fox with kingfisher feathers, I knew it would be right up my alley. I love birds, I love foxes, and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity for a fresh underwater scene in the current hot weather. Very fun piece to do, I love cyan.
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But this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinamics, light, color, playfulness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Illstop now...)

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Thank you very much! :D

It appears to be multiple people's favourite, and I certainly don't blame them! ;D

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Oh man the level of detail in this absolutely blows my mind, so beautiful!! From all the air bubbles and the sand at the bottom being lifted up to the scales on the fish and all the plants both in the fore- and background, it's all so wonderful! You did a great job with having the hind legs and tail be bluer to show how they're further away, and the fur lifting up is such a fun effect. The expression of the character is so cute too and overall this just has a lovely vibrance to all the colours!!

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:D :D

Thank you for noticing all of that! There were indeed plenty of little details in this piece. I think there's one I haven't heard anyone mention though. Can you guess what? 👀

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My pleasure!!

Oh no, don't do this to me...... Is- is it the other fish getting the hell out of dodge??

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Yesss the other fish! Some of them are pretty well camouflaged.

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True and they better be to survive and not become another victim like their friend. Or perhaps they survived because they are better camouflaged, who knows...

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Wow! Awesome work on the water and bubbles.

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Fortunately, I noticed this art that I didn't know on the forum. I was sure that I watched you already but it seems not to be the case... Now it's done! Keep me amazed foxy 💕

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Aww thank you! 💚

I'll certainly try! :D

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This has to be quite the creature, can't say I've ever quite seen something like this. The wings look splendid and the water effects look quite realistic as well.

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Really? It's a fox with kingfisher wings, but I thought foxes with wings wouldn't be too unusual over here. Either way, thank you very much! ^^

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It looks very fun, love the way those bubbles look!

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Thank you! I was surprised to see how metallic they look irl.

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nice it looks adorably cute

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Thank you! After all the serious work lately, it was a lovely change of pace to draw something happy and a little silly again.

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The details to the animal to the water to the sea floor is just *chef kiss*. Also, poor fishy.

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Awww thank you! At least the other fish managed to get away. :p

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Like mice in the snow -- just the sort of hunting a flying, amphibious fox would do!

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Yes, precisely! :D

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Brilliantly done :heart:

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