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Character  Amnis
Been a while since I last drew Amnis. I wanted to challenge myself to get the skin reflections to look just right, and I'm really proud of the result!
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Very cool! I like how shiny he looks

The clouds look amazing too! I guess everything does :D

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Hahah, thank you so much! I think this is the piece I'm proudest of to date, it was really difficult to get his skin wetness/reflections on it look just right!

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Woah I love how vibrant and happy the colours are here, such a lovely palette! Super nice to see Amnis again and indeed you did really well on the reflections of the skin, they looks So Good, like the lighting overall is just excellent and I really like how the fins are slightly see-through, a neat detail! And that little foreground bit with the plants is somehow really endearing to me and just an excellent addition to the composition!! What a fun piece, really well done!!

Foxofwonders's avatar

This was a really happy piece indeed. Amnis just lends himself really well to that somehow. ^^

And thank you so much! I'm really super proud of it myself, and I feel like of all my drawings I did of him so far, this one by far captures best how I imagine him. :)

Also I'm both really glad and slightly surprised you noticed the far foreground plants! When I was detailing them and the little rocks I sort of accepted that they would just blend into the background, but still needed that detail to look 'real'. It's always great to know that those little things don't go unnoticed! :D

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He really is just a happy lad!

idk something about the foreground plants caught my eye and I thought oh those are cute so I had to mention them, definitely not work wasted!

Opalablue's avatar

That looks amazing! You really evolved a lot!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you so much!

theonlytoner's avatar

hehe this is a fun piece

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This is stunning! The anatomy is spot on, you really nailed the wet reflective look on his skin!!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you very much! I definitely took some time to study muscles to make sure that I got them right, or at least as 'right' as I can. The reflective look was a lot harder to get down because I wasn't entirely sure how the reflections would interact with direct light, so that was a bunch of trial and error. :')

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He's so shiny. :D I think you nailed the reflections.

Foxofwonders's avatar

He definitely is! :D

Thank you!

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Haha, leek me handiger om de titel te nemen die ze overal begrijpen. XD

Maar absoluut! BOMMETJUUUH!

Greybeard-CG's avatar

Eerlijk gezegd zou ik graag een keer willen zien wat er gebeurt als een volwassen draak een bommetje maakt haha :D

De reflecties zijn heel geslaagd! Kan de bergen achter de camera een beetje zien zo :p

Foxofwonders's avatar

Grote golf, hahaha. Amnis is zelf alleen niet zo groot.

En dankjewel! Goed gespot!

Darkness-Ridge's avatar

he looks very cool

ArtofLucien's avatar

he is gorgeous! love the action and flow. lovely and well done!

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Thank you very much!

ArtofLucien's avatar

you are very welcome :)

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