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Character  dynaisajia
The trees let out a silent sigh as the heat of the summer makes place for the fall. Though the nights become colder, my heart warms along with the colour of the leaves. The hard edges fade, and I am embraced by a soft and gentle dream.

It had been much too long since I had drawn Dynaisajia in her hawk form. This is probably one of my most heartfelt pieces yet. I hope you can feel it too.
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EukayoticProkaryote's avatar

Wow, this is fantastic! It is my favorite of the pieces you shared. It is so atmospheric, and mystical looking! it was a cool idea to have the guide-ropes be made of light. Really cool work!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you very much! It's the closest to my heart, so I'm really glad you felt some of that too. ^^

Blunell's avatar

Beautifully painted. Love the mood here :heart:

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you, bringing the mood across was my main goal. Thank you for my first-ever deviation badge, too!

RoyalJester's avatar

This is actually really lovely, conceptually. Good job!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you so much! 💚

queenofeagles's avatar

please write a book. the snippet is just as beautiful as the art!

Foxofwonders's avatar

I don't think I can write anything longer than a paragraph or two, but I'm honored to hear that. ;)

queenofeagles's avatar

you could collect them and turn them into a flash fiction anthology ;)

NevaSirenda's avatar

It is indeed lovely and dreamlike

silver-birch-juice's avatar

Your drawing radiates such a calming feeling...:heart: wonderful work!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you! That's how I felt painting it, too! ^^

ikazon's avatar

Very cool! Nice work! :w00t:

SketchMonster1's avatar
Gorgeous and intriguing. The color design and lighting effect is beautiful as well as the amazing detailing. Sensational work. If you get time please give feedback on some of my work.
ArianSilver's avatar

It's a great piece. I think I especially like the way lights are slowly disappearing and the way you did fog. It's really nice. It's a quite a moody piece for sure, well done!

Foxofwonders's avatar

Thank you so much! I could feel the mood the entire time while painting, it was really wonderful!

AcherontiaWeird's avatar
Greybeard-CG's avatar

Heel prachtig die lampen :) De herfst is toch wel het mooiste seizoen :')

(Mijn achterhoofd ging: oei daar heb je zo'n boom wee xD Maar ja als je het mistig maakt kan je mooi met silhouet spelen :p )

Foxofwonders's avatar

Ja precies. :)

Ik had er eerst een bokeh effect in verwerkt. Heb ik later een beetje gedempt, maar ik denk dat je het nog steeds wel kunt zien.

Greybeard-CG's avatar

I see it ;) Scherpe bokeh op een object veraf ziet er een beetje raar uit omdat we gewend zijn dat het bij macro of lichtjes vooral gebeurt. Dus best logisch dat je het gedempt hebt.

Ik vind het echt een mooie scene voor Dyna-de-havik :D Cozy en warm. Die lampen dragen daar ook heel erg bij. Van dat gewoven hout is altijd zo mooi.

Valognir's avatar

I can definitely feel something. Looks like you spent a lot of time on the mood.

Foxofwonders's avatar

I certainly did! I really wanted to get that right.

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