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Art Fight - Zafirmei

Character  zafirmei
Quick one, so it's a little rough. Also a little dark but I don't want to brighten it.
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Wonderful work!

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This is such a fun perspective and you've executed it really well!! The eyes and the fur are so pretty and have wonderful texture, awesome work!

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I've definitely been enjoying perspectives lately it seems! For this one I relied heavily on references to correct my mistakes. At first I drew the paws too far in front and it looked kinda weird. :p

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Yeah, new perspectives can be so tricky to wrap your head around at first but it's a good thing the internet is full of references! cx

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The perspective and fur details are so gorgeous, your art is amazing goshh

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Ahh thank you! :D

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this is beautiful

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Your latest pieces are just excellent, love those eyes!

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I'm really glad to hear that! 💚

Took me quite a bit to get them right, so I'm glad it paid off! (somehow drawing eyes diagonally is a whole lot harder than horizontally, to the point where I had to manually rotate my canvas until they were horizontal because flipping wasn't doing the trick)

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Super dark in my screen, but the details are nice anyhow. :D

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Yeah, drawing and uploading late at night against a dark background may not have been my brightest idea. It's meant to be dark, but I noticed quite a large difference between my laptop and phone screen as well to the point where it would probably have benefited from a slight boost in brightness. :'D

Glad you still like it though!

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Haha, funny, my recent Shiny Mega Gardevoir pic had the same issue, plus my screen switched to a yellowish night mode and was too lazy to check the contrast. Huge difference with phone screen and laptop there too (since my laptop's is non reflective IPS and sort of matte surface with strong dark contrast, while the phone's reflective...), screens these days. :shrug:

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