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Art Fight - Misty

And my final Art Fight attack this year! It's a shame the Netherlands doesn't have many nice hills and creeks to travel along.
I'm very happy with this piece! Both the process and the way it turned out.
This is MistyGoldArt's character Misty.
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Makes me wish I were back in Alaska.

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I've never been there, but I imagine there's loads of undisturbed nature!

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Everything about this is AMAZING! I love the fox's pose and the way you draw fur. <3
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Thank you so much! <3
I have different methods of drawing fur. Really loved how this one turned out, but I'm not sure if I remember the technique. x_x
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awesome! and love the brushstrokes on that mountain!
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Thank you! I discovered a brush with irregular hard edges, and it's really nice to lay down a basis for effects like this.
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wait... where do yo live in Netherlands????
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I've always lived near the coast, though recently moved east so at least there are some things resembling forests here. I think it's slightly better in the southern parts of Limburg, but that's a bit far for simply going on a walk. :p
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Oh I'm asking for a different reason... Are you, by any chance, living in Overijssel province?
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Nope, I'm not. How so? :)
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Oh because I'm living there (for now) ;D
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Epic landscape/environment with scale and beautiful work here. Awesome fox explorer too.
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You are welcome, Fox. ^^
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Explorer fox is exploring! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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Oh my gosh this looks wonderful!!!! i really like how the ccomposition flows, it reminds me of early morning hikes i used to do^^
thanks a lot for such a pretty drawing, i love it! :D
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I'm really glad you do! :D
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Indeed, the landscapes here are pretty boring if you ask me lol. That is why I love to go to vacation on Italy, my campsite is surrounded by mountains and it looks beautiful!

Very nice work, I love the fur texture:)
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Awesome, mountains are great. :)
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