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Art Fight - HSF3-137

Character  HSF3-137
Stepped out of my comfort zone for this one! Meet HSF3-137 (known as Aya when she was human)-- or rather, try to avoid it, as it will be the last thing you see.
HSF3-137 belongs to Zarche 
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Oooh despite this being out of your usual comfort zone, you really nailed it and I feel like your style is still distinguishable!! Excellent job on getting down the material of smooth metal right, which is suported really well by the fantastic light reflections off the surface and I really like the use of two different colours of light sources, very nicely done!

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That's great to hear! I always have trouble recognising my own style, so I'm glad it still shines through!

And yesss lighting is so satisfying when it really starts to look believable.

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