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A World's First Touch

Character  Alt
My part of the art trade with SilverTail14 
In case you haven't seen it yet, absolutely check out her part because it's gorgeous!…

It was really challenging to find colours that suited this composition, and in the end I used some colours I rarely use. I'm really happy with how magical the atmosphere ended up looking, and I hope you think so too! Alt here has travelled to a world where the trees have flowers like still waterfalls, a beautiful yet slightly eerie sight.
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Ooh indeed you've done an excellent job on the atmosphere here, the colours you've chosen work really well for it!! I really love the composition here and the way that the tree branch curves, it's a fun choice rather than have it be cut off by the frame! You've also made the flowers very pretty, well done!!

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It was a very unusual colour scheme to work with, but enjoyable still! Or actually, maybe because. Variation is nice.

I think I made it curve to aid the composition, though right now I can't be too sure anymore.

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The colors, the ambient.... aaaaaaaaaa Love

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Thank you! I wanted to go for a mysterious dreamlike mood. ^^

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This composition is really astonishing to me, you really bring out the playful and innocent nature of the creature in this artwork I love the color palette as well!

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Thank you so much! 💚

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I really like the colour palette! ^^

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Welcome to a new plane of existence, where flowers flow like waterfalls, and waterfalls grow from the earth like flowers. This is a relam between dark and light, between chaos and order. You are now entering... Well, no where in particular.

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I really liked that actually! I think it fits wonderfully.

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I've always been a fan of eldritch locations personally. :D

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!!!! Wow. That is absolutely magical! I really love those trees, they look really unusual and special. And Alt looks just amazing, everything is rendered so well. Wow. Those little flowers! I'll absolutely treasure this piece, thank you very much!

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I'm so glad you like it! :D

This was probably the most rewarding art trade I've ever done!

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