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[ MLP ] Celestia Humanization

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I most like the hair and her face beautiful
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Except for the wings (which are beautiful!) and the horn, she looks like Palutena from the game Kid Icarus: Uprising!
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ho-ho-ho holy Celestia! incredible artwork!
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oh wow! this is beautiful work! 
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Very pretty!!! :D
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omg! its all fantastic! The hair, the body, the skin, the shading of her lipstick! Just plain majestic!
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Finally, after a LONG TIME!
I found this picture!!
It always strikes me how beautiful she looks in this picture :3
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you look so beautiful princess Celestia *blushes*
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So beautiful :///)
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Stunning! Represents her strong, confident character so well.
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oh my make a princess luna and princess cadence 
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Beautiful and very well done! :DLove 
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