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halloween-themed umbreon! so smol and spooky
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You see this? I like this.

jackkhoa170's avatar

i mess up teh umbreon when i draw it jesus

gamerthegameboy128's avatar

umbreon should be called the witch pokemon ngl

MyChemKitty101's avatar

This. Is. So. CUTE!

laylaIthink's avatar
AWW this is the best umbreon i ever saw!
LeaderOfKoruLand10's avatar

Aww this is so cute!

I love that your Umbreon is on a broom! Its Feint Attack would be even harder to avoid if it did it from up in the air lol
MoonArcher222's avatar
Yer a wizard Umbreon
kakuume's avatar
hello, i'm sorry to inform you that somebody is selling shirts with your desing as prints and i highly doubt you gave them permission :/ 
here is a link to their website, hope it helped…
Dreamscape88's avatar
I just got this design on a shirt from my sister as a present yesterday and was informed that it’s your art that was stolen! I’m flabbergasted and wish I could make this right for you but I don’t know how. My sister bought it from tee-turtle.
The-Space-Child's avatar
Last year I bought a mug with this design on it. It was only after that I found out the art was stolen. I feel kinda bad now...
Worst part is, they're STILL doing this to you, and to many other artists. These people have litterally no respect.

Sending you support! ☆
Dreamscape88's avatar
I just got it on a tank top my sister and only just now finding out the art was stolen. So not cool for people to do that!
Luna6294's avatar
Someone stole this and is using it on shirts. =(…
FerretGalaxii's avatar
You drew this?! I saw this a couple weeks ago randomly on the internet. It's really good!
PkfireAlpha's avatar
Are you aware that there are several sites stealing this design and putting it on mugs and shirts and what not? I see this specific image plastered everywhere :(
emsoileau's avatar
I love love love the glowing stripes.
LilGlaceon's avatar
i wanna see a spoopy glaceon!
Cabbara's avatar
absolutely cute
Wish I could get this on a legit T shirt for halloween
extremely cute!
TsushiRoll's avatar
EXPLOSION! (its a reference to some anime that i forgot)
SilvTheWolf's avatar
It's so adorable!! :o
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