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Stamp - Not Feminine

By foxlee
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Oh dear, I made more XD

So apparently there's a stamp out there which reads "Feminine, NOT Feminist". As if that's anything to be proud of! Anti-feminists shit me, especially female ones. How can a woman be against a movement which exists to give her the right to have an opinion? Without feminism, you wouldn't be able to voice dissent, let alone put it on a stamp on the internet. So shut the hell up! XP

Anyway, this is my response. There's nothing wrong with being feminine, of course, but it shits me when people assume that "female" and "feminine" are the same thing. Get it straight people!

Use as you like, but please link back here if you're not using thumbnail code!

Made with ^zilla774's Stamp Template, hurrah :D
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Well dis is a big disorder now in the comments
and when I say a big disorder I say A BIG DISORDER

(Being a boi I hope that womans and mans will have well like the same rights of a well all.)
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I completely agree with your message here. 
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xmeliiHobbyist Digital Artist
ugh i hate it when girls are told to sit,act,look,and be ladies, and worst, they were told to flirt with boys and get all dresses up around them,but us tomboys can't stand all that crap, we just want to be us, not to be what our mothers tell us to be
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sooofiriaHobbyist Digital Artist
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thats so quirky doe
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onesthingHobbyist General Artist
omg!!!! thank you so much for this stamp!! ♥
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soyumakesStudent Digital Artist
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LeRatJameHobbyist Digital Artist
oml so true about the feminism thing seeing all that shit, shits me too. Feminism stands up for females, not hating on men for fuck sake.
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LostOwlFeatherStudent Traditional Artist
well there's a difference between feminism and modern feminism.
feminism is true equality. modern is a man hating thing.
either way, i'm not one.
but i still like this stamp :P
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SeeSlugsHobbyist Digital Artist
Wait, are you saying you don't want true equality?
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LostOwlFeatherStudent Traditional Artist
i never said that

i'm saying that america does

the east tho... a freakin hellhole
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SeeSlugsHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, I wasn't sure. //bad reading comprehension lol
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LostOwlFeatherStudent Traditional Artist
shoulda made that more clear tbf

sorry for any misunderstanding
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sarahsuzHobbyist Digital Artist
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CandyKitTrashHobbyist Digital Artist
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u s i n g
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latiapaintingHobbyist General Artist
GOLDENHORUSStudent Digital Artist
and you just earned a watch my friend
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beemypalHobbyist Digital Artist
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CacklettaV2Professional Artist
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MiraboooHobbyist Digital Artist
this remember me in pewdiepie 
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