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My Bio
Hello everyone! I'm Foxi, but you can call me Fox or whatever you want ^^
I'm just a 14-year-old Nintendo fangirl, especially for Pokémon and the Kirby series. I'm primarily a Kirby artist, but occasionally draw Pokémon or animals. I'm always taking requests, so feel free to ask me anytime!

Favourite Visual Artist
Anyone who draws Kirby characters c:
Favourite Movies
Zootopia, Lucario and the Mystery of Mewtwo, Home Alone
Favourite TV Shows
Hoshi no Kaabii/Kirby Right Back At Ya
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I mostly listen to game soundtrack xP
Favourite Books
Warriors by Erin Hunter | Surviviors by Erin Hunter
Favourite Writers
Erin Hunter
Favourite Games
Kirby's Epic Yarn | Super Smash Bros. Brawl | Literally anything Kirby
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii or DSi
Tools of the Trade
Ink, colored pencils, graphite and LOTS of sketchbooks
Other Interests
Furries | Stargazing | Anime | Manga | Drawing | Roleplaying

Kirby FC - Sub-Zero Knight

Kirby FC - Sub-Zero Knight

Name: Kira Fairsky Alias: Sub-Zero | Shimokage Gender: Female, sometimes disguises as male Age: 1,121 puffball years Species: Winged puffball/Waddle Dee mix Role: Star Warrior/Member of the GSA Ninja Special forces | Guardsman of King Dedede Personality: Shy at first, but very kindhearted, loyal and caring. Tends to be fairly close-mouthed and doesn't often say much. She can be rather blunt and independent-natured, often seeming a bit elusive when it comes to people she doesn't know well, and believes people should be allowed to reap the full consequences of their own decisions, which can make her seem a bit cold and hard to underst

[Kirby Fanart] - Just some Dragato doodles

[Kirby Fanart] - Just some Dragato doodles

Made some random doodles of my favorite guy from the GSA, Sir Dragato, and my headcanon design for him!~

[Kirby fanart] - The Knightmare Lurks Within

[Kirby fanart] - The Knightmare Lurks Within

Meta Knight drew in a deep breath, taking in the cool night air. It felt nice to be able to take some time away from the castle, just to clear his head for a while. Sure, Dreamland was mostly peaceful, but he still had responsibilities and memories to clog his mind. To constantly have to keep on top of what Dedede was up to, as well as train the young Star Warrior Kirby so that he could someday defeat Nightmare, all the while wondering if Nightmare could even truly be defeated... of course, he was usually able to keep from getting overwhelmed regardless, but sometimes, it all became too much. Being under the stars always made him feel a litt

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CelticQuailKnightStudent General Artist
pssst heyo i'm just dropping in to tell you that your art is super cute and it makes me smile when i see it
have a good night

-dabs away into the stars-
FoxiRavenheartHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaaa tysm ;u;
Your art is absolutely amazing! I especially love the way you do wings >u<

My art these days is pretty different from the last time I posted here, but I haven't managed to upload any art for a long time due to being stuck on a 3DS. The 3DS internet browser is AWFUL ;u;
CelticQuailKnightStudent General Artist
You're welcome!
Omg thank you so much!! That really means a lot! Heart 

That sucks D: I hope you're able to upload things again soon!! I know I'd like to see them!
FoxiRavenheartHobbyist Traditional Artist
Anytime!! You're actually one of my favorite artists >u<

Yeah, it really does u-u Thank you so much! I hope so too <3
FoxiRavenheartHobbyist Traditional Artist
NorthWindsMLPStudent Digital Artist

Heya! It's Cocoa :3

FoxiRavenheartHobbyist Traditional Artist