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Warrior's Destiny - Chap. 1
"Kirby! Kirby, are you okay?!" The sound of a panicked voice caused injured little Kirby to half-open his dark eyes for a moment while he let out a quiet, feeble "P-poyokay..." The thunderous, roaring sounds of battle echoed all around and surrounded the beaten, exhausted young Star Warrior as he lay helplessly on his side in the middle of the vast clearing, unable to fight or defend himself any longer. He was dimly aware of the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps, followed by someone lifting him off the rough grass and swiftly carrying him away to safety. The chaotic sounds of the fighting gradually grew more and more distant, until they completely faded away, and eventually Kirby felt himself being gently set back on the ground. "Meta Knight!" his rescuer called, urgency edging her voice as it echoed through the woods. "Meta Knight, please come quickly!"
"Sub-Zero!" a familiar voice called back, and the blue knight was soon visible through the trees, rushing toward the sound of hi
:iconfoxiravenheart:FoxiRavenheart 1 2
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All my art, traditional and digital! Bad digital art is bad... but I'm learning! ^-^


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Woo! Help me reach my (utterly ridiculous) goal so I can get core membership and get some points for commissions! Man, I have this whole dark theme to my profile, and then BOOM! Random Sylveon code to mess it up... Oh well, Sylveon is adorable anyway~~

-Any donations are appreciated! Have a great day, my flooflings <3

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Sub-Zero Knight
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United States
Hello everyone! I'm Foxi, but you can call me Fox or whatever you want ^^
I'm just a 14-year-old Nintendo fangirl, especially for Pokémon and the Kirby series. I'm primarily a Kirby artist, but occasionally draw Pokémon or animals. I'm always taking requests, so feel free to ask me anytime!



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So what if puffballs' eye colors fade the older they get, and Meta's so darned ancient that his eyes just turned white? What if, when they're young, they all have mostly black eyes like Kirby?
Just a thought. xP
Nothing like being diplomatic with your greatest enemy. This Waac inspired by a couple of drawings actually, by SwordBladeKnight7. She kept her magical floating top hat, eh Sword? :3
Lonely Icepuff
Poor Sub-Zero. No one wants to spend their time with an icepuff, just because she's too cold.
Before anyone says, "Hey Fox! I thought her eyes were purple!" They are. But the they turn blue when's she's embarrassed, angry or sad (and they turn purple without her mask. They reverse, basically.)
Who knows what they're perfect for. *cough*
I think they're gross, but that's just me. *cough cough*

Oh, yes, by the way, Galacta's real name is Solstice. :3




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Oh noes, I've been found by death himself! Nice to see you Shini XD
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I have been noticed by Senpai. XD
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