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Paperwork by FoxInShadow

This annoys me as much as you, but this is forced on me rather than chosen, so let's overcome these obstacles together, shall we?

The changes are as follows:

:bulletred:The prices are going to be increased slightly in order to fit better to my local tax law. I really don't want to get you into details of that. Check out the current price list:  Price list by FoxInShadow

:bulletred:First time you place an order you will have to sign "Contract to perform a specific work" with me. This includes sharing personal data with me, shipping information to be exact (but you'll get mine in exchange) and also you'll have to send me a scan of a signed page. Photo will do as well.

This is completely normal among freelancers, imagine you are treated like a company ordering art assets from me. I need a paper for that.

All the personal data is completely safe with me, as I don't have any interest in sharing it. Still, it's required.

I need this only once. If you order two or more art pieces at a time, it does not require separate contracts

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:bulletred: But there are good news What do you exactly get in exchange for all of that?

Treated as a Contracting Party, you receive much more right in terms of art redistribution.

You practically own the piece you ordered. So you can sell these rights to anyone. You can create prints. Or help me hunt down art thefts. You don't have to ask me for permission to upload it on any website. You can even tell me to take down the picture and keep it private. Anything.


Phew! There you have it! I hope all of that is clear. If you have any questions, please look up the FAQ before asking, perhaps I answered them already:  Detailed commission FAQ, dos and don'ts and rulesTaking into account a few years of my experience, some recent events, few endlessly returning questions and tiresome explaining, I felt that this FAQ is much needed.
I sure as hell hope that this doesn't sound rude or anything, please remember I'm not trying to scare you away, I'm trying to fix both the issues that some of you had with me, and the issues I had with some of you. I'm taking most of the blame here, because even if only 1% of you isn't satisfied with my services, that's still too many unhappy customers. Sometimes I wasn't acting professional and I am not afraid to admit that, sometimes I was too overwhelmed to handle everything so this gotta change. Fair and square.*
*needless to say, by reading this journal you agree to the terms and conditions yadda yadda blah blah blah let's not be dicks to each other, I respect your rights you respect mine.
And keep in mind that I am aiming at making the process more enjoyable for you and me, and what sounds like a s

And please show some understanding, this is the main reason behind all of my recent stress and generally I am quite happy to announce these new rules. They'll help me in creating some financial history during my freelance artist endeavour. During the past years you've been showing incredible amounts of positive feedback that kept me working, and I hope to keep it that way (:

Thank you all~

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What type of personal data is needed. I am assuming goes beyond shipping information, "Name, addressees, phone number"? so what else is their that makes it so iffy?