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Commission for :iconda0krager:

Merry Christmas


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"I can not ignore food that freely walks into my webs."
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Use your magic to roast that mofo. Or, at least, cut you free.
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b-but spiders like that can't even exist... With that size they'd collapse on themselves with their biology thing...

I freaking love spiders, and this piece.  
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"Fuck the system." - The Spider
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Normally I find most spiders to be quite adorable but... This one... might be an exception. Only because the eyes are all over the place.

Awesome work! =]
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Can't unicorns teleport?
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What i see ... Hideous creature.... And a spider. lol jk, jumping spiders are adorable though, if you've ever seen one. 

Good work.
SentinelWolf5's avatar
I couldn't agree more. Especially the ones who wear water droplets as hats.
Felkvir's avatar
I absolutely adore this picture .. I don't know how much spider art there is here on deviantart, but i feel like there is not nearly enough with cute little buggers like this!
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There is no such thing as too many spiders. =]

Also Ponyville's spiders are the best.…
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Wow, and I just watched the extended version of Desolation of Smaug today! Weird coincidents are weird! :D
Quavera-Tava's avatar
lol, yes. I love a giant spider picture on Christmas! :D 
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Nothing says you're fucked like eight eyes looking at you and eight legs walking your way. ;-; great work as always, though.
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I saw the title and i was like "oh god foxy what did you do now"
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Because it is in the nature of a predator to prey upon those unfortunate to be caught in their grasp.
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Jaysus. Not for the arachnophobic, that's for sure.

Nicely done though. And great job with the webs especially!
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KairaAnix is arachnophobic

I had to draw it while she wasn't around
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