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Typical rpg fantasy battle

Cliché drawing for :iconnazegoreng: 

Part of a bigger trade with her. Coffee and Blazing plushies are going to be So. Awesome. :icondashawesomefaceplz:


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My ergonomic keyboard never leaves me 
feeling bored browsing the internet
and suddenly
I got a brand new feeling
about my little pony
thanks you Fox in shadow.

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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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well at least it's wednesday
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How cool would it be if this were an adult-oriented MLP comic? It'd be awesome, for one. Plus, we need more fantasy works written for women by women [and no, paranormal/magical softcore porn stories don't count]
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Too bad I'm a guy :D
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Good point. ^^
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Eh... my usual has a cleric failing hard at healing but being a baws at smashing undead while the sorceror goes all rafiki on the bad guys' asses... add in the greatsword-weilding fighter and the sneaky rouge just in the background shooting out people's knees and stealing their EVERYTHING... and that's pretty much how my RPG sessions go.
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I do not fancy the humanoid pony versions but this looks awesome
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WOW! That is in my faves, immediately! RPG + ponies is one of my favorite combinations ever.
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The queen looks amazing as hell o. o
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I love their faces.  The middle character is my favorite.
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Actually if you want to be accurate as to how these sword and sorcery things are portrayed, take away about 70% of the female characters' armour around the chest and midriff area. Maybe a bit around the thighs and butt too. 

Anyhow, though I don't care for ponies, I openly applaud you for actually giving the female characters functional armour, that seems to be a rare trend in such genres where war and battle is a constant. You have a nice colouring style, rather storybookish.
Though I think it might look a bit better if the lights on the magic user's glow effect popped a bit more. Normally when I try to get a lighting effect I colour the actual colour of the light first (if applicable, and in this case it appears to be blue) then put pure white in the center so the apex of the light source appears to really be light.
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Come on, man. Get some warlocks and blow everything the fuck up!
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Hah XD That's great :D

I especially love how you drew Chrissy there, in the back :love:

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This looks amazing, love the expressions of those three. ^^
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