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The tribe demands blood

Wild West themed commission for :iconartiicun0:

Don't worry tho, they are just roleplaying and using plastic weapons ;)


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DAMN! this is cool!
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...this. This, I like. :)
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I thought it was Buffalos that were Native American.

Still amazing though!
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The chief stood proudly wielding the tomahawk in his claw, the stranger in his aim and ready to strike. The stallion was struggling with the ropes, trying desperately to escape. There was no escape and he just realized it. He begin to fix the chief with tired eyes, panting. He tried to calm down, stopping to panic and making his head work again. All the warriors remain silent.

"You know that if you kill me, many more will come and will kill your people." The chief didn't budge, the weapon still held in front of him. "I only came here to visit and you attacked me!" He felt the chief's gaze on his chest. "I-if you let me go.... I-"

The leader broke the silence. "You won't live long."

"I did nothing wrong!" he hurled back. "I came on your territory as a sales pony! You attacked me and took all my stuff!"

"You wanted us to buy your fire liquid. I won't allow any of my braves to poison himself with this vile liquid." he sternly replied.

"I... I didn't know that!" he quickly replied.

"LIAR!!!!" he shouted back! The prisoner winced when he the chief moving the tomahawk in his claw, fearing for his safety.

"I'm not lying!" he replied irritated. He knew he made a huge mistake coming in the land. But how to get out unarmed and alive, he thought. "I-if I did wrong, then..." he took a deep breath. "I-I'm sorry! I'm terribly sorry!". The chief never put his gaze off the stallion. Neither put the ax away, ready to be thrown. The pony became more nervous. No even if I apologize, he thought to himself, shocked. He had no choice. "F-fine! Throw all the bottles to the ground, burn all my stuff... but please... let me go."

"No!" the griffin let out. The pony was stunned. "What you did deserve punishment and only your scalp will sooth our anger." He was terrified. He knew that scalping always end getting killed.

"W-what about just shaving it? My mane and tail for my life?"

"Your entire coat too."

"MY WHAT?!" The chief smirked. "But..." the shock passed when he realized that his life was spared for fur. "Fine!" The chief raised the tomahawk in the air. "W-what are you doing?" He began to take aim. "I thought we had a deal!" and thrown the weapon at him. "NOOOOOOO!!!" The pony closed his eyes before it hit him straight to the chest... and bounced off. He froze, confused. "Huh?" All the griffins burst of laugher. "What the actual f...."

"Little stallion, peed in his pants?" the chief shouted at him mockingly.

"WHAT THE HAY?!" The griffins untied him and he rushed to take the ax. The blade was made of painted wood. "What the hay?!"

"Griffins, take all his stuff." The poor stallion fell on his knee, flabbergasted. "Good. Shaving your head will be easier that way."

"Y-you tricked me you bastard!" The chief remained stoic. "Huh? You planned all this to take all my stuff for free?!"

"And your coat. But you will live." she said with a grin. "A bit humiliated, but you'll live." The pony couldn't hold up his anger any more and ran in his direction, but he was hit to the head with a wooden club. The chief sighed.

"What should we do with him?" a griffin asked him.

"Leave him his coat. Tsk! Those ponies don't have any sense of humor."

Awesome work
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Yee-haw! . . . I'll catch ya . . . Braeburn (derp) plz My Name Is Nobody (la-version gun) 
I'm glad I came here.
Now listen to this in the background:…
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You mean Braeburn or yourself?
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Oh, I mean myself xD
Just wanted to stick some country icons in there ^^
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Absolutely fantastic :D
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Native American griffons!! AWESOME!!!
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This can be said about most of your art, but BADASS!!!!!!
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"They are just roleplaying and using plastic weapons".

So the tribe, in fact, presumably demands butt then.
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It's all fun and games, till somebody runs off with the totem pole.
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Wait griffins wearing feathers, that's sorta like us wearing skulls or cut off fingers if you think about it. 
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But there was a time in human history where humans wear other dead human's bones as a sign of showing off their kills.
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Indeed, but we've also worn feathers. At first glance it seem more related to native american culture, but if you think about it, it's a tiny bit more morbid. 
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thank you very much fox for such a great picture :D
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I like this interpretation of Griffons.
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Wonderful! Very very VERY wonderful! Wonderful job working on this^^
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PLEASE tell me there's a fanfic for this!
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esta genial pero..... ¿no eran bufalos?, con lobos hubiera sido mas genial 
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