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Commission for :iconcyancomrade:

Thoroughly enjoyed this one, it is rare to get a pony commission that is focused entirely on the surroundings.

No, it wasn't inspired by any particular existing setting, just my freehand sci-fi design.


For more stuff, please follow me on:

foxintwilight on tumblr
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Mind if I use this for a cover for something? Unmonetized of course. I'll be sure to credit you if you say yes.
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99999%That Everyone Will Live
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50% Chance OF This happening
50% Chance were all gonna die
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One Reason Why I Screwed Up
1.My Storage Ran Out 
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Cyberpunk for the win!!
shes a spartan now?
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Reminds me on halo
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Geez why do you have to be so good. I love this so much.
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Po kiego wacka Spitfire wlazła do części technicznej Cytadeli? :|
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Spitfire is really cool on her own, but surrounded by such beautiful Sci-Fi and probably still one of the fastest and most agile flying things there makes her even better :D
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She so far away :icon crying pony old:
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Woah! This looks like that parkour game simulator that Markiplier played one time!
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Halo-y, I like a change every now and then :)
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Yessss, it turned out more than awesome! Glad you had fun drawing it! :3
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How do you make these clouds? Is that a brush? If that's so, damn my x2 2.24GHz ;n;
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Look up matte painting. It's when you mix brushes with stock images to create a new painting. 

I posted all of my brushes in my FAQ 
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For some reason it reminds me of the new Star Wars movie. (No spoilers!)
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 i recall the stream, a very fun one sr, andi can tell you much you like thefreedom on the backgroud, mmm i have to remmember that.
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